“Almost Human” Review: Can The Show Go More Than “Skin” Deep?

It’s hard to critique the second episode of most television shows. Like the pilot, their primary goal is often just to get more people watching, but they also need to give some indication of where the show could be headed. If the second part of Almost Human’s two-part premiere event is any indication, the series is indeed going to function primarily as a police procedural with sci-fi elements, following a case of the week with occasional small dabs at character development. I’m not sure that’s go … [Read more...]

Review: “Almost Human” Finds Humanity Amidst Technology

Sci-fi fans rejoice! Almost Human, the new hour-long weekly adventure from Fringe executive producer Joel Wyman, is finally here. The pilot aired last night as part of a two-night premiere event (the show will air regularly at 8 p.m. on Mondays), and you know what? There’s a lot to like.Almost Human opens with police officer John Kennex (Star Trek’s Karl Urban) leading a squad in an urban assault on a mysterious gang known as The Syndicate. Things quickly go horribly wrong, however, and he wa … [Read more...]

“Breaking Bad” Review: “Felina” Redeems Walt… Or Does It?

Well, it’s over. Five years and 62 episodes later, Breaking Bad has come to an end.There’s a lot that can be said about this series finale, and I’m sure our perceptions of it will change the further away we get from it. Like all great works of art, Breaking Bad has left us in the best way possible: by mattering. Whether you loved the finale or hated it, there’s A Conversation waiting to be had in the weeks and years to come, and I’m eager to begin. This is a series that slowly but surely grew … [Read more...]

Review: There’s More To “Masters Of Sex” Than Just Sex

Note: Showtime has made the Masters of Sex pilot available to view free online. Click here to watch it.“He’s not watching you. He’s watching science.”So states Virginia Johnson to a female patient in the pilot episode of Masters of Sex, which premieres on Showtime tonight. Based on Thomas Maier’s biography of the same name, it follows Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) as they embark on a groundbreaking study of human sexuality at Washington University … [Read more...]

“Breaking Bad” Review: Stuck In A “Granite State”

In recent weeks, as I watch Breaking Bad I find myself wondering if showrunner Vince Gilligan ever read Mere Christianity. He was raised Catholic, and he’s gone on record saying he’s drawn to the idea of “biblical atonement” and that immoral people should be punished for their actions. That philosophy has been on clear display throughout the course of the entire series, as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman gradually fell further and further down a slippery slope, unleashing a storm of events outside … [Read more...]