#WisdomWed… Decisions are

Decisions are... Maturity Characteristics Heart Intelligent Ignorant Selfish GenerousThere comes a day when maturity kicks in and your personal characteristics will change. When your mind and heart unite as one force making intelligent, sometimes ignorant, some may consider selfish, and/or generous decisions. Decisions are...Wise Empathic Resourceful Disruptive Resilient Thoughtful Risky Wayward Is That Right!We've made some wise choices over time. Very … [Read more...]

#WisdomWed… Watch the Video 1st

 "Why I hate school, but Love Education" a line by Suli Breaks. He poses the argument between Emotion Quality vs. IQ. Society's system tends to overlook the intelligence of a person, who is emotionally creative. Not the artists who composes or the painter, they contribute the enjoyable beauties and songs we adore; but those who possess and are naturally-highly-intelligent. The ones who can learn simply by demonstration and then process the world, using unique-organic-thinking. These are … [Read more...]

#WisdomWed… Organize with LA Voice

"Community organizing, the task of a few to mobilize many." Organizers educate, research and teach community leaders to build power to change local, state and national policy. Organizations like L.A. Voice of Los Angeles are making change across the political and civic landscape. The following is a preamble, some of LA Voice's credentials.LA Voice is a growing federation of 30 congregationschurches, synagogues, and mosques and we represent over 40,000 families in the LA region, … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesday… Why am I a Muslim

"Why am I Muslim?"There's a number of reasons for this decision I can think of. I will say, "it is an innate feeling, for us having a desire for success." Growing up in urban Compton, California the desires for success are high. It has nothing to do with the narrative of gangs,crime, or why I did not win the sixth grade student council election for president; but more of having a stable mental health. After experiencing days of ignorance (Jahiliyyah) which would include; sex, drugs and … [Read more...]

Every Thursday with Famous Failures

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.Meet "Failure", everyone who has ever tried inventing, establishing or being the first at something has met it. Most successful attempts have encountered failure, in becoming smarter and/or more efficient. Failure exposes the weak spots, the kinks and broken strategies of an idea. It gives some individuals "motivation" to re-invent, focus, and/or double his/her efforts.The following video … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesday… A Note to Self

"Before claiming a kingdom, one must first own land." In order to actualize and create a stable foundation, there are prerequisites required for Men and Women to accomplish and must possess in leveraging one's life.A person must contemplate and design his/her life while in the midst of living it. Have a vision, for success in this life and success in the next life. It all begins with having good intentions, for the best outcomes that will help maintain health, obtain security for protection … [Read more...]

Random Thinking… You’re So Petty

Random Thinking - random thoughts can be randomly funny! AONS Productions with "You're So Petty." Let's make some random time and watch this blog-ver-sa-tion on Random Thinking...You're So Petty! Share your comments and this blog-ver-sa-tion with us here and with your friends. Follow us @WhooopWoop , thank you! Create_A_Voice "Urban Voice for the New World...." … [Read more...]

#WisdomWed … When Reality Sets In

We live in world of true reality, fiction and myths. We choose to partake in the ones associated with hope, cheer and prosperity. Regardless how untrue a myth or a fictional character  appears to be, we continue to practice and pass these tales down to generations to come. In search of something to relieve our everyday worries or just to spread a good intention.It will come a time when falsehood will collide with the Truth. We must then weigh the facts and accept its reality, presumably, for … [Read more...]

#WisdomWed… Personality Testing

Personality Test...Personality per·son·al·i·ty /ˌpərsəˈnalitē/ noun - the complex of all the attributes--behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental--that characterize a unique individualSocial media networks have really opened and exposed a lot into our personal traits. These online venues has allowed newbies, former romances and/or hometown friends to find you, and convert acquaintances into new virtual friendship. Sometime we are amazed at our friends' status, their comme … [Read more...]