#WisdomWed … a Person’s Dignity

Have you ever wondered, what is the story associated with someone who's homeless? Many times we encounter different stories, and it is full of sincerity and a heart moving narrative. Thinking of ways to campaign for Humanitarian Day. We were inbox'd this video of Ronald Davis, explaining his difficulties of being homeless and how he maintains his Dignity, Watch his story and please Help someone. #pray4Oklahoma dig·ni·ty /ˈdignitē/ noun "The state or quality of being worthy of … [Read more...]

Every Thursday with Survivors

What happens when the unexpected, rescues the unexpected. 10 years ago Amanda Berry went missing, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight also went missing. "Charles Ramsey" the unexpected, helped discover the ladies being held captive in a Cleveland house. This event brought out a reality, society's truth, and one's humility - visible to the American Society.Reality is seeing Amanda alive and well with a daughter, and housemates Gina and Michelle safely rescued as well.This breaking Truth is … [Read more...]

Every Thursday with People Helping People

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity, who exemplify ideals and leadership throughout their work.Los Angeles, California the home for Hollywood's glamour, awesome weather in the Winter, and the highest population of homelessness in the nation. In the shadows of Downtown LA, lies the community of Skid Row. A community once known for its hard workers and now it is a neighborhood for charity, good deeds and special care.Some important Homeless Facts...On an … [Read more...]