Wisdom Wednesday #unTitled

#unTitledi am told, our soul is from the universe and our body is made of Earth.So that means my intelligence is vast, and my body is a commodity.So i am a diamond that is born under pressure.i am a composed of fallen dates, an olive branch, a treasure waiting to be discovered.i can tell you the Earth’s narrative, of many nations striving for divine rights.i know the deepest secret of victories that were planned at night.My mind, body, and soul is a representative f … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesday …. Urban Life

urban/'ərbən/In, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town.... and closely associated to African American communities.The word "urban" has also been associated with professionals living in lofts, owning cute little dogs, patronizing the latest boutiques and eateries. Living an "inner city" urban lifestyle, may explain why the Brady Bunch and Sixteen Candles were enjoyable mental escapes. Simply saying, "An urban life is not a normal lifestyle to live."The ExperienceThose m … [Read more...]

Create A Voice on Patheos

Ramadan Mubarak, Greetings or Hello...This is a blessing joining Patheos team, as they host conversations of faith. I am Umar Hakim – an organizer, a new media personality, consultant of urban technology (ask later..lol)  and most of all, a person with imagination. Please follow my blog-ver-sa-tions as I post under some unique categories of Create-A-Voice.Watch, Listen and Read...Relevant Blog-ver-sa-tions. What is a blog-ver-sa-tion, you might be wondering? It is where blogging meets co … [Read more...]