Wisdom Wednesday #unTitled

#unTitledi am told, our soul is from the universe and our body is made of Earth.So that means my intelligence is vast, and my body is a commodity.So i am a diamond that is born under pressure.i am a composed of fallen dates, an olive branch, a treasure waiting to be discovered.i can tell you the Earth’s narrative, of many nations striving for divine rights.i know the deepest secret of victories that were planned at night.My mind, body, and soul is a representative f … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesday … Teaching Helplessness

Ask yourself, Are We Teaching Helplessness...Through past failures have we convinced and taught ourselves success cannot happen, or its far off? In fact we may have incubated a whole psychological philosophy, and culture around the concept of , "taught helplessness."This topic was inspired by my brother Kursat, who recently shared with me The Psychology of Everyday Actions by Donald A. Norman. Redesigning my game, this publication has sharpen not only my intention on new media content; … [Read more...]

Every Thursday with Famous Failures

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.Meet "Failure", everyone who has ever tried inventing, establishing or being the first at something has met it. Most successful attempts have encountered failure, in becoming smarter and/or more efficient. Failure exposes the weak spots, the kinks and broken strategies of an idea. It gives some individuals "motivation" to re-invent, focus, and/or double his/her efforts.The following video … [Read more...]