Would Other-Worldly Aliens Accept Jesus?

The Book of Strange New Things by bestselling author Michel Faber (an atheist) is a new novel that delves into the psyche of a Christian missionary who travels impossibly far from his beloved wife to bring hope to some weird alien beings. [Read more…]

Robert Coover Slams Religion (and the “Rules” of Writing)

48 years later, one of our most original novelists, Robert Coover, follows up his award-winning The Origin of the Brunists with a huge new take on Christianity, morality, and the art of writing itself. [Read more…]

Nobel Prize-Winner Rewrote the Bible (Much Better!)

Nobel Laureate’s novelistic version of Cain story is playful, original, compelling. [Read more…]

Social Activist Fights Foolishness with Fiction

The Fiery Alphabet, a brainy adventure novel for rebellious thinkers, is set in the Enlightenment and focuses on a young female freethinker who takes to the road with a con artist. [Read more…]

A Christmas Carol Re-Imagined for the Rational

A Modern Christmas Carol is an absorbing novella-length piece of fiction that probably wouldn’t make Dickens laugh (but Dawkins might). [Read more…]

What You Don’t Yet Know about Death

Reading well-written novels and memoirs can be as pleasurable a way as possible to accustomize yourself to the idea of mortality. . . [Read more…]