Robert Coover Slams Religion (and the “Rules” of Writing)

48 years later, one of our most original novelists, Robert Coover, follows up his award-winning The Origin of the Brunists with a huge new take on Christianity, morality, and the art of writing itself. [Read more…]

Fantasy Fiction by Four Freethinkers

These reviews of four fantasy novels show some of the provocative ways freethinkers approach a world of stories. [Read more…]

The Downsides of Paradise, with a Wink

It’s not so unusual for a spiritual “seeker” to believe one wild thing after another, but for someone who was an evangelical Christian for 25 years to evolve into clear-eyed atheism is perhaps not as common. This particular one wrote a very good novel. [Read more…]

Looking for God in All the Wrong Places

Thank god(s) there’s a place for sacrilegious poetry that goes for the brain, heart, and gut (and other places). [Read more…]

Plucky Teen Finds Atheism a Good Fit

A new novel The Outcast Oracle appealingly combines a gentle evolution of the teen girl character’s atheism with a well-plotted tale of how she copes with the religious craziness of her father. [Read more…]

To Be or Not to Be Immortal

Is a world in which we live thousands of years utopian or dystopian? A novel by Zoltan Istvan, The Transhumanist Wager, aims to create a compelling version of the near future, to inspire and warn readers, and to create a dialogue as scientists start perfecting AI, transhuman technology, and the science needed to overcome death.

[Read more…]

Not All Atheists Are Geniuses, But

I haven’t read a graphic novel since Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1992. Genius, a graphic novel, appealed to me as a review possibility here because I think we all need to stretch ourselves. Genius, by Steven T. Seagle, a writer, and Teddy Kristiansen, a Danish artist, is atheist in perspective, though its atheism is worn very quietly. [Read more…]

Let’s Hear a Hearty Welcome

“Creative Atheist” isn’t just another new blog. Let me explain why you might enjoy reading the upcoming views, reviews, and interviews with atheists who are creative. [Read more…]