Don’t Vote for Atheists—They Like to Kill People!

A Christian blogger defended Christian paranoia about atheists getting any meaningful political power. He got some pushback and responded with a new post. Let’s take a look. [Read more…]

Stalin Was a Mass Murderer, And I’m Not Too Sure About Myself (2 of 2)

A Christian blogger tells us that atheists are drawn to genocide like a moth to a flame. So much to correct and so little time … [Read more…]

Stalin Was a Mass Murderer, And I’m Not Too Sure About Myself

A Christian blogger tells us how afraid he is about atheists rampaging through society, killing all the Christians. There is much to be corrected. [Read more…]

10 Commandments (for Atheists)

There’s a new list of ten commandments. These are aimed at anyone, not just Christians. Let’s take a look and run down some Christian retorts. [Read more…]

’Tis the Season!

It’s Christmas time! Here are a few Christmas-themed posts from the vault. [Read more…]

Witch Hunts, Sex Scandals, and the Atheist Community

Charges of sexual irresponsibility swirl around atheist conferences and leaders. Though an outsider to this controversy, I find a recent sex abuse case instructive. [Read more…]

The Truth of the Bible (Fiction)

The Bible has far more manuscript copies than any book from history, and Christians claim that it holds hundreds of instances of fulfilled prophecy. But how reliable is it? Is it history or just mythology? [Read more…]

Atheists Do Good Works, Too

It’s not just Christians who do good works. I’d like to tell you about a Seattle-area atheist group working on a project that you might like to help out with. [Read more…]

Atheist Monument Critique: Treaty of Tripoli

A Christian contrarian is unhappy with a new atheist monument on public property. See how well his attack stands up to the quote from the Treaty of Tripoli. [Read more…]

What’s Up With Other Atheist Bloggers?

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