Should an Atheist Pray?

Praying person

A worldwide experiment will start in a week in which atheists pray for God to reveal himself. I’ve decided to participate, but does it make any sense for an atheist to pray? (If I’m making a mistake, talk me out of it!) [Read more...]

Do We REALLY Trust in God?

Do Christians really trust in God, like it says on the money?

Is it really true that “In God we trust”? With what do we trust him? It might indeed make Christians feel warm and fuzzy to see that motto on U.S. money, but do they actually believe it? [Read more...]

Clueless John the Baptist

John the Baptist by Titian (1542)

Throughout the gospels we read snippets about John the Baptist. Put them all together, and you have a confused portrait. (Maybe the gospels shouldn’t be categorized as history.) [Read more...]

Post #1

Bob Seidensticker

I’m Bob Seidensticker, the blogger behind Cross Examined, and I’d like to introduce myself to the Patheos community. [Read more...]

OK, Smart Guy—YOU Tell Us What Happened

I don’t find the Christian story compelling. That the gospel story is literally true is far too big a claim with far too little evidence to support it. But instead of attacking the Christian claims this time, it’s time to explain my view. This is what, to me, explains the facts best. [Read more...]

Project Reason Video Contest

Project Reason’s annual video contest has six short, pithy videos. Here’s my favorite. [Read more...]

Word of the Day: Atheist’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager is a popular apologetic. Let’s turn that on its head to see if the atheist position might actually be the more logical wager. [Read more...]

Witch Hunts, Sex Scandals, and the Atheist Community

I’m a big fan of The Amazing Meeting. I’ve been to several of these skeptics conferences, starting in 2004, but TAM is under criticism lately. Is this criticism justified? I can’t say for sure, but I do sense similarities with a famous sex abuse case. [Read more...]

God is Nonexistent

Can science say that anything doesn’t exist? Sure—unicorns, dragons, wizards. It doesn’t say this with certainty but with confidence. By the same logic, God doesn’t exist. [Read more...]

Conference Notes

Here are some thoughts after a weekend freethought conference [Read more...]