Witch Hunts, Sex Scandals, and the Atheist Community

I’m a big fan of The Amazing Meeting. I’ve been to several of these skeptics conferences, starting in 2004, but TAM is under criticism lately. Is this criticism justified? I can’t say for sure, but I do sense similarities with a famous sex abuse case. [Read more…]

God is Nonexistent

Can science say that anything doesn’t exist? Sure—unicorns, dragons, wizards. It doesn’t say this with certainty but with confidence. By the same logic, God doesn’t exist. [Read more…]

Conference Notes

Here are some thoughts after a weekend freethought conference [Read more…]

Yet Another Conference …

I’m headed out to the Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference. [Read more…]

Debate: Does God Exist?

A summary of a recent local debate between a humanist and a Lutheran minister. The topic: “Does God exist?” [Read more…]

Book Review on “Bible Geek” Podcast

Noted theologian Dr. Robert Price recently presented a flattering review of my book, Cross Examined, on his Bible Geek podcast. [Read more…]

MS-DOS and Objective Truth

IBM-compatible MS-DOS PCs used to start up displaying a C-prompt (the “C:>” with a blinking cursor). We don’t conclude anything transcendental from this. Similarly, most humans have an innate sense of morality, but we can’t conclude anything transcendent from this either. [Read more…]

What Did the Original Books of the Bible Say?

Take a trip back in time to see the hurdles we have in seeing the life of Jesus through the Bible. Obstacles will be peeled back one by one—translations, canonicity, reliable copies, and more. [Read more…]

Is Christian Heaven More Real than any Other?

You’re comfortable with the concepts you’ve grown up with, but that doesn’t mean that there’s good evidence for them. Let’s look at a very unusual kind of heaven to see if the Christian concept is any more sensible. [Read more…]

Back from the Reason Rally

I spent an interesting few days at the Reason Rally and that American Atheist conference. Here are some highlights. [Read more…]