Hoare’s Dictum


A computer science pioneer makes a point about simplicity in software that also applies to apologetics arguments: some arguments succeed because they’re plainly correct, but others succeed only because they’re confusing. [Read more...]

Carefree Christian Dinghy Hits Immoveable Rock of Reality: Thoughts on the Craig vs. Carroll Debate

Craig Carroll cosmology apologetics debate

Philosopher William Lane Craig debated cosmology with a cosmologist, Sean Carroll. Predictably, Christianity didn’t fare so well. [Read more...]

Evolution is Crazy, Says Man Who Thinks the Earth Was Created 6000 Years Ago, All the Animals Were Saved on a Boat Built by a 600-yo Noah, and our Loving Creator Drowned Everyone

evolution creationism debate

Much could be said of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, but I’ll focus on the low points of Ken Ham’s Creationist message. [Read more...]

Christians: Why You Need an Atheist Speaker at Your Next Conference

Truth fish wins again!

Christian conferences are often an echo chamber of reassurance and elementary arguments. Do they effectively train Christian apologists? Here’s one missing ingredient. [Read more...]

Avoid Christian Rationalization With This One Rule

Patent medicine—how do you discover what’s effective?

How do we evaluate evidence? This often underlies disagreement between atheists and Christians. Here’s a procedure to get everyone on the same page. [Read more...]

Response to Attack on My Naysayer Argument

The Sistene Chapel image without God looks better

I got a response to my argument against the naysayer hypothesis. Let’s take a look to see if it holds up. [Read more...]

Ever Want to Take a Philosophy Class?

“A Philosopher” (1635), inset

Dan Fincke, philosopher and atheist blogger, is offering private philosophy classes. [Read more...]

Interview an Atheist at Church Day, May 5

Promotional poster for Interview an Atheist at Church Day

Do you seek out conversations with people who don’t share your religious views? Here’s a proposal to formalize that process. [Read more...]

Lawyer Thinking, Revisited

Lawyer thinking vs. scientist thinking in apologetics

A podcaster has pushed back against my recent “Scientist Thinking vs. Lawyer Thinking” post. Let’s give him a hearing and see what that does to my argument. [Read more...]

Street Preacher Cage Match, Part 2

Banner that I use when “street preaching” (side 2)

Here’s the rest of my atheist street banner. And I’d like to get your opinions—what is too much? [Read more...]