Atheists: I Need Your Help with a Scam

Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” isn’t the only high-profile story of an atheist-turned-Christian. What if there were a way to make Christians wary of the next ex-atheist author with a conversion story and a book to sell? I may have found one. [Read more…]

Avoid Christian Rationalization With This One Rule

How we evaluate evidence often underlies disagreement between atheists and Christians. Here’s a procedure to get everyone on the same page. [Read more…]

For This Election Season: How to Say, “I Told You So”

Say you have an argument that ends with no agreement. Months or years later, facts prove you right. So at least you have the satisfaction of an admission that you were correct, right? Of course not—it rarely works that way. But here’s how to get your “I told you so.” [Read more…]

My Visit to Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park

I visited the famous Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park in London. It wasn’t quite what I expected. [Read more…]

Debate Aftermath

The video for my recent debate is now available. I’ll summarize the arguments on both sides and give a few thoughts on debate strategy. [Read more…]

Upcoming Debate 3/19/16: “Is it Reasonable to Believe in God?”

I will be participating in a public debate on the question “Is it reasonable to believe in God?” this Saturday (March 19, 2016) at 6:30 pm near Port Townsend, Washington. I’ll be debating local a Christian apologist, and I will obviously be arguing for the negative side of the question. Opponent Rob van de Weghe [Read More…]

When My Rules Trump Yours

I’ve had a little experience with nonprofits that fund projects in the developing world. Here are a couple of the culture clashes we’ve had and how they parallel clashes between the Christian church and reality. [Read more…]

Street Preacher Cage Match

After reaching my limit with sign-carrying street preachers, I decided to get into the fight myself. [Read more…]

25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 10)

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments (part 10). [Read more…]

Video From 5/20/15 Debate at WWU

Here’s the video from the recent debate, “Does God Exist?” [Read more…]