Biblical Analysis of the Super Bowl

Tim Tebow and 316—his 316 yards pass completion in his come-from-behind victory over the Steelers clearly points to John 3:16. Let’s apply that same logic to Eli Manning’s 296 yard Super Bowl win on Sunday. [Read more…]

Football Christianity

Football player Tim Tebow is famous for public praise and Bible verses. But he is a billboard for more than just the run-of-the-mill Bible verses. [Read more…]

Harold Camping’s New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s take a peek at Harold “The sky is falling” Camping’s New Year’s resolutions. [Read more…]

Humor: Does God Exist?

The television show “Big Talk” tries to get to the bottom of the question “Does God Exist?” (video, 1:28). [Read more…]

A Powerful Defense of Reason … or Maybe Not

Some Christians argue both sides of the reason issue. Is it God’s greatest gift or is it the devil’s whore as Martin Luther argued? Here is the input from an experience pastor. [Read more…]

Cartoon: Mythology and Science Just Don’t Mix

Cartoon: Genetics meets the Adam ‘n Eve story, and it’s like salt on a slug. [Read more…]

Interesting Insight

David Hawyard’s cartoon makes me wonder if I’m actually a believer. [Read more…]

Humor: Good Samaritan

Jesus explains the parable of the Good Samaritan (video, 2:11). [Read more…]