Response To an Angry Christian (2 of 2)

Put on a happy face

Let’s wrap up our analysis of a Catholic blogger’s rant against atheism. He gives us three more arguments with which he’s not impressed. Curiously, neither am I. [Read more...]

Response To an Angry Christian

Stalin and Hitler

A Catholic blogger claims to have distilled atheists’ arguments down to just two. And he’s not impressed. [Read more...]

Guest Post: Still Waiting for Jesus

Guest Post

A former Evangelical explains how understanding the apocalyptic claims of Jesus toppled his faith. [Read more...]

William Lane Craig Misrepresents Christianity and Insults Islam (2 of 2)

Rude (though probably inadvertent in the case of these children)

In part 1, we considered William Lane Craig’s childishly flawed defense of the Trinity. Now let’s see if he can support his claim that the moral character of the Christian god beats that of the Muslim god. [Read more...]

William Lane Craig Misrepresents Christianity and Insults Islam

Insulted yet?

William Lane Craig compares Christianity against Islam and argues that the Trinitarian Christian god is better, but his theological errors would earn him an F if this were a freshman paper. [Read more...]

Christians: Can ANYTHING Change Your Mind?


How impervious is Christianity to contrary evidence? Does it blunder on in spite of clear evidence that its claims are false? Or are Christians eager to follow the evidence where it leads? [Read more...]

Religions Continue to Diverge—What Does that Tell Us?


Christianity has tens of thousands of denominations and unaffiliated congregations and counting. The grounds are fertile outside of Christianity as well, and new religions are continually springing up. What does this diversity say about the truth of religion? [Read more...]

’Tis the Season!

Helping with the Christmas tree

It’s Christmas time! Here are a few Christmas-themed posts from the vault. [Read more...]

Christian Apologists Find No Meaning in Life

George Bailey and family from “It’s a Wonderful Life”

A Christmas movie shows that Christian apologists’ gnashing of teeth is empty blather. [Read more...]

Christianity, the Ultimate Unfalsifiable Hypothesis


A hypothesis should be testable, especially one as important as “God exists.” How honestly do Christians follow the evidence? And have they made their hypothesis unfalsifiable, out of reach of any contradicting evidence? [Read more...]