C. S. Lewis Gets it Wrong: Liar, Lunatic, Lord … or Legend?

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C.S. Lewis is rightly famous for his impact on Christian apologetics. With this argument, however, he misses the elephant in the room. [Read more...]

Josephus: Important Evidence for Jesus?

Josephus: “Antiquities of the Jews” (Latin manuscript from Poland, 1466)

Josephus was a Jewish historian whose first-century writings mention Jesus. Christian apologists eagerly point to two references in particular as extra-biblical evidence of the miraculous works of Jesus. We’ll investigate both to see if they hold up. [Read more...]

13 Reasons to Reject the Christian Naysayer Hypothesis (2 of 2)


Conclusion to why the popular Naysayer Hypothesis is useless. [Read more...]

13 Reasons to Reject the Christian Naysayer Hypothesis


We’re told that the gospel story must be true because, if it weren’t, eyewitnesses at the time would correct it. It doesn’t work that way. Here are 13 reasons why this naysayer hypothesis is nonsense. [Read more...]

25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 9)

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Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments (part 9). [Read more...]

Your Religion Is a Reflection of Your Culture—You’d Be Muslim if You Were Born in Pakistan

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A number of objections have been made against this popular argument. We’ll run through them to see how well the argument stands up. [Read more...]

Kreeft’s Argument from Absolute Conscience Fails Absolutely


Peter Kreeft’s Argument from Conscience assumes an absolute obligation. Like so many other apologists, his assumptions are unfounded. They’re also unnecessary—the natural explanation works just fine. [Read more...]

Theology, the Queen Clown of Sciences (Plus the Argument From Dullness)

Fun, right?

Hey, lighten up, atheists! The correctness of religious worldview claims is overrated. Stop taking things so darn seriously. [Read more...]

How Compelling is Christianity’s Cumulative Case?

House of cards

Christian apologists sometimes imagine that their various arguments fit together like puzzle pieces. Usually, they’re more like a house of cards. [Read more...]

How Christian Apologists Teleport Across Lessing’s “Ugly, Broad Ditch”

This bridge won’t carry you across

A little thing like lack of evidence won’t stop Christian apologists from handwaving about why they’re justified in believing religious claims. Here’s how they get across Lessing’s Ditch. [Read more...]