Foolproof Method for Separating History From Legend?

history legend jesus

A Christian author proposes four simple rules for winnowing historical truth from legend. Let’s try them out. He concludes with a bizarre standard for knowing truth. [Read more...]

Clues that Religion is False

Religion is false

The crazy guy with the tinfoil hat? Today, he’s concerned about the NSA. Decades past, it was telepathic intrusion. Religion also changes with the times and technology, and that doesn’t suggest that it’s built on much truth. [Read more...]

Is This a Powerful New Apologetic Argument?

Jesus apologetics atheist

A Christian blogger has a new argument for Jesus. It gets points for being novel, but take a look to see if it’s convincing. [Read more...]

Innovative Responses to the Fine-Tuning Argument

Fine Tuning Christianity

Here are four rebuttals to the fine-tuning argument that don’t get enough attention. [Read more...]

Ray Comfort Says What Needs to Be Said

Ray Comfort Armageddon Apocalypse

Let’s conclude Ray Comfort’s list of clues that we’re in the end times to see if he’s onto something. Or smoking something. [Read more...]

Tonight: the Beginning of the End?

Blood Moon reflection

It’s time to check in with our friendly Doomsday prophets. Both John Hagee (the “four blood moons” guy) and Ray Comfort are convinced that our time is short. [Read more...]

Response to Lee Strobel’s “Five E’s of Evidence”

Case for Christ

Another apologist is convinced that he has a simple approach to the evidence for the gospel story. Let’s see if it’s convincing. [Read more...]

Daniel’s End Times Prediction: Take Two

Statue Head

Want to know how the world will end? Daniel tells us. [Read more...]

Chick Tract: The Movie (Review of “God’s Not Dead”)

atheist review God's Not Dead

See the argument for God reduced to caricature. This movie serves as a pat on the head for the simple Christian in need of a boost to their faith, but if you want meaningful apologetics, look elsewhere. [Read more...]

8 Lessons Learned from the Minimal Facts Argument

Habermas Minimal Facts Resurrection

We’ve explored the five claims in the Minimal Facts argument for the resurrection. Now let’s try to extract the lessons learned. [Read more...]