Mormonism Beats Christianity—Or Does It? (2 of 2)

Fragment of Book of Abraham (papyrus)

Let’s look at the other side of the issue. What does the skeptic say about the truth of Mormonism? And what lessons can we learn about what makes a successful religion? [Read more...]

Mormonism Beats Christianity—Or Does It?

Nice, clean-cut Mormon boys

Run through the list of arguments for the evidence of Christianity, and you’ll find that the Mormon evidence trumps each one. If Christians are serious about these arguments, must they then accept Mormonism? [Read more...]

Dating Advice: the FIRST Thing to Figure Out in a Relationship

The mysterious girlfriend who died

Remember the strange story of football player Manti Teʻo and his imaginary girlfriend? How could he have been fooled? And how can Christians be similarly fooled about their imaginary friend? [Read more...]

A Convincing Holy Book? Not Possible.

A fragment of the Voynich manuscript, still untranslated

Consider this thought experiment. I doubt it would convince a Christian to change his religion … but shouldn’t it? [Read more...]

How the Bible is Like Honey Boo Boo

Makenzie, four years old (from “Toddlers and Tiaras”)

Have you ever seen a children’s beauty pageant? Does seeing four-year-olds strutting like teenagers seem weird and out of place? That’s the problem we have when reading an Iron Age book like the Bible in our own context. [Read more...]

Rebutting the “God is Simple” Argument

Sugar crystals--complex result with simple rules (and no intelligence)

Apologists Alvin Plantinga and William Lane Craig argue that God is simple. Their argument isn’t holy but full of holes. [Read more...]

Football Christianity

Tim Tebow and eye black

Football player Tim Tebow is famous for public praise and Bible verses. But he is a billboard for more than just the run-of-the-mill Bible verses. [Read more...]

“God Did It” Explains Everything … or Maybe Not

God closeup

“God did it” is an easy answer to many riddles within science. It’s so broad that it can explain anything, but this means that it explains nothing. [Read more...]

A Pro-Christian Argument For A Change: TAG

Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey

How about an argument from the Christian standpoint for a change? This is the Transcendental Argument as presented in my novel “Cross Examined.” [Read more...]

Plantinga’s Unconvincing “Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism”

Tiger illustrates false beliefs?

Respected Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga wants to show that the idea of evolution is self-defeating. Unfortunately, he’s outside his area of expertise. His argument hasn’t convinced biologists, and it shouldn’t convince you. [Read more...]