13 Reasons to Reject the Christian Naysayer Hypothesis (2 of 2)


Conclusion to why the popular Naysayer Hypothesis is useless. [Read more...]

13 Reasons to Reject the Christian Naysayer Hypothesis


We’re told that the gospel story must be true because, if it weren’t, eyewitnesses at the time would correct it. It doesn’t work that way. Here are 13 reasons why this naysayer hypothesis is nonsense. [Read more...]

Christians Blaming God for Disasters

Penance for the Black Death: flagellants in what is now Belgium in 1349

During the medieval Black Death period, fearful Christians sought ways to punish themselves to make amends for whatever caused God to inflict this pandemic. Even with the science to explain natural disasters, Christian leaders play the same game. [Read more...]

25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 9)

Smash glass 2

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments (part 9). [Read more...]

Your Religion Is a Reflection of Your Culture—You’d Be Muslim if You Were Born in Pakistan

Muslim men praying

A number of objections have been made against this popular argument. We’ll run through them to see how well the argument stands up. [Read more...]

Kreeft’s Argument from Absolute Conscience Fails Absolutely


Peter Kreeft’s Argument from Conscience assumes an absolute obligation. Like so many other apologists, his assumptions are unfounded. They’re also unnecessary—the natural explanation works just fine. [Read more...]

Theology, the Queen Clown of Sciences (Plus the Argument From Dullness)

Fun, right?

Hey, lighten up, atheists! The correctness of religious worldview claims is overrated. Stop taking things so darn seriously. [Read more...]

Celebrate Harold Camping Day, the Day to Remember Our Favorite Doomsday Prophet!

Part of $5 million in billboard advertising spent by Harold Camping’s Family Radio

Tomorrow is Harold Camping Day. Let’s remember why Brother Harold is so special. [Read more...]

Christians Move the Goalposts When They Can’t Win Honestly


About the puzzling questions at the limits of science, Christians often say, “If you can’t answer them, we can!” For the old questions (such as “What causes disease?” or “What causes drought?”) this claim is now laughable. Why is Christianity’s claim to answer the new questions any less so? [Read more...]

The Future of Christianity and Atheism

Ethiopian Christians

A new study makes surprising predictions about how Christianity will change. There are enough clues here to anticipate how secularization in America will foreshadow the same trend worldwide. [Read more...]