Christianity’s Unbroken Record of Failure

Christianity makes big claims. When you actually look for evidence for these claims, however, you come up empty. [Read more…]

Why is the Universe Comprehensible?

Why is the universe comprehensible? A primate doesn’t need to be able to understand calculus or quantum physics—and yet we can. Is this evidence of the hand of God? [Read more…]

Make Your Very Own Prophecy (That Actually Comes True!)

Take a prediction from the Bible that seems to have come true. How big a deal is that? And how can you make your own prophecies? [Read more…]

Christian Magic Power Doesn’t Work if You Don’t Believe It

Several martial arts masters claim to be able to defeat opponents without punches but with some sort of energy. Problem is, if you don’t believe it, it doesn’t work. This is like many Christian arguments—they’re effective only if you already believe. To the rest of us, they’re like the make-believe martial arts energy. [Read more…]

Does Christianity Lead to a Better Society?

Dismiss God by condoning homosexuality and abortion, and he’ll punish society. How often have we heard that a Christian society is a better society? But this is a claim that we can test. [Read more…]

Faith Shows the Emperor has No Clothes

Defending an invisible God and celebrating faith is exactly what Christians would do if their religion were manmade. Faith is always the last resort. If there were convincing evidence, Christians would be celebrating that, not faith. [Read more…]

Why is Starbucks Taking the Christ out of Croissants?

Wait a minute—a square croissant? What kind of outrage is this, and what does it have to do with Jesus and his birthday? [Read more…]

How Christianity Infantilizes Adults

Christians often reshape their view of life’s events to fit and bolster their Christian worldview, but give it a little thought. The simple Christian explanation of God’s hand at work often leads to a bizarre conclusion. [Read more…]

Review of Sarah Palin’s “Good Tidings and Great Joy”: the Ugly

Let’s conclude with a look at the Ugly in Sarah Palin’s new book about Christmas. I’m shocked to realize the injury “Happy Holidays” causes. And I couldn’t conclude without the Naughty List—a review of the book’s errors. [Read more…]

Review of Sarah Palin’s “Good Tidings and Great Joy”: the Bad

It’s time to move on to the Bad in Sarah Palin’s new book about Christmas. Confusion about constitutional basics may put Palin on the naughty list. [Read more…]