Sh*t Christians Say

William Lane Craig Reasonable Faith

Christians have a shaky relationship with evidence. They embrace it—in fact, say they’re the rational ones. But look at what else they say. [Read more...]

WWJD? Don’t Expect a Consistent Answer


What Would Jesus Do? Ask different Christians, and you’ll get different answers. What good is this slogan? [Read more...]

10 Questions Christians Must Answer (2 of 2)

Questions Christians must answer

Here are the final five questions that thoughtful Christians must answer. [Read more...]

10 Questions Christians Must Answer

Atheism Christianity Questions

Here are ten tough questions every thoughtful Christian must answer. In fact, Christians can and do answer them, poorly. But there’s a far simpler answer that makes much more sense of the data. [Read more...]

Clues that Religion is False

Religion is false

The crazy guy with the tinfoil hat? Today, he’s concerned about the NSA. Decades past, it was telepathic intrusion. Religion also changes with the times and technology, and that doesn’t suggest that it’s built on much truth. [Read more...]

More Pointless Parables

Little Mermaid

Some New Testament parables are pretty good. They make a useful point, and they add to our moral vocabulary. Unfortunately, modern apologetic parables don’t seem to be made to the same standard. [Read more...]

Is This a Powerful New Apologetic Argument?

Jesus apologetics atheist

A Christian blogger has a new argument for Jesus. It gets points for being novel, but take a look to see if it’s convincing. [Read more...]

Innovative Responses to the Fine-Tuning Argument

Fine Tuning Christianity

Here are four rebuttals to the fine-tuning argument that don’t get enough attention. [Read more...]

Shroud of Turin: Easter Miracle or Hoax?

Shroud of Turin, Debunked

What are we to make of the Shroud of Turin? Is it a miracle or a fake? [Read more...]

Failed Prophecy: Psalm 22

Baptism of Jesus

Apologists claim hundreds of prophecies fulfilled by the life of Jesus, and this psalm is one of the most popular. With a little poking, however, the claim that it predicted the crucifixion unravels. [Read more...]