God’s Kryptonite

If anything is unchanging, God should be. But our picture of God (all powerful, omniscient, omnipresent) doesn’t represent the God we find in the Old Testament. Back in God’s youth, he was a lot weaker than he is now. Consider two examples from the Bible. [Read more…]

25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 11)

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments (part 11). [Read more…]

Christianity Is a Hospital, and Sinners Are Ill (Or Not)

Well of course Christians are imperfect—everyone’s imperfect! That’s why the Church is like a hospital. It’s full of imperfect people striving to get better. (Let’s take apart this weak metaphor.) [Read more…]

Atheism Fails Because There Is No Ultimate Justice?

A Christian apologist argues that justice shows the validity of Christianity. There is no ultimate justice for the atheist, which conflicts with the existence of objective morality; therefore, atheism fails. Let’s dissect the logic here. [Read more…]

Rationalizing Away the “Canaanite Problem” (2 of 2)

Let’s conclude our look at Greg Koukl’s analysis of the Problem of Evil, as applied to Israelite genocide in Canaan. We’re on the same page that this is a tough problem for Christianity, but I’m not sure that his resolution is as complete as he thinks. [Read more…]

Rationalizing Away the “Canaanite Problem”

A popular evangelical Christian wrestles with the Problem of Evil. He’s confident that he’s got this persistent problem under control. Take a look and see if that optimism is well placed. [Read more…]

Not Even Hitler Can Help This Christian Argument

Christian apologists sometimes argue for objective moral wrong by pointing to the Holocaust as an example. With a little thought, however, that argument turns out to be very embarrassing for the Christian position. [Read more…]

Weak Analogies? Is That the Best You Can Do to Prove God?

How do you describe the relationship between you and Jesus? It’s similar to an ordinary person-to-person relationship … or so goes the popular analogy. Think about it for a moment, however, and this analogy falls apart. [Read more…]

Four Blood Moons: the Ultimate Punchline Is Nigh (2 of 2)

One more shopping day before the Apocalypse! Let’s try to infer from John Hagee’s weak argument what’s supposed to actually happen. [Read more…]

Four Blood Moons: the Ultimate Punchline Is Nigh

We’re just a few days away from the slow-motion warning that God has reportedly been sending us for the last year and a half. Here’s the latest from the front lines of the Apocalypse. [Read more…]