Seven Billion People and Counting

The odometer rolls over

The Quiverfull movement, popular among some Christian groups, urges Christians to “let God decide” how many children they will have. In the 21st century, we have this kind of childish thinking? [Read more...]

Illogic of the Garden of Eden Story (2 of 2)


Let’s wrap up our look at the Garden of Eden story by looking at the internal consistency of the story. Do the implications of the story fit with both reality and the rest of Christianity? [Read more...]

Illogic of the Garden of Eden Story

Fumbling for his recline button, Ted unwittingly instigates disaster (Far Side)

Far more Americans take the Garden of Eden story as history than you might imagine. Given that, let’s critique the story. Does it hold up? Where did it come from? [Read more...]

Tribulations of Leaving Religion

Cathars (members of a Christian sect) expelled from Carcassonne, France in 1209

You can leave a company with two weeks’ notice. You can leave a club by not paying dues. But leaving Christianity often brings consequences. How will your fellow parishioners interpret your departure, and how will they respond? [Read more...]

Bible Reading in Schools: Illegal for 50 Years

Madalyn Murray O’Hair, participant in landmark Supreme Court case

Bible reading in public schools was declared illegal 50 years ago today. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Consider just one ongoing attack, a new Mississippi law that permits religious speech in schools. [Read more...]

Bible Contradictions to the Trinity

Shell + yolk + white = egg

The definition of the Trinity is clear about the equality in majesty of the three persons of the Trinity. But does the Bible agree? Consider a number of verses that call this equality into question. [Read more...]

God Has Many Names, But Do We Need One More?

What does the Trinity put here?

Aren’t we missing a fourth name? Father + Son + Holy Spirit = who? Here’s why “The Trinity” doesn’t work. [Read more...]

The Long, Strange Story of the Trinity

Borromean Rings, interlocked only when all three are present

Muslims have it figured out: there is no god but Allah. That’s it. But it took centuries for Christians to cobble together the idea of the Trinity, picking it among many plausible alternatives. They admit that it’s not understandable. Let’s take a closer look at this contradictory doctrine. [Read more...]

Christianity Can Rot Your Brain

Religious violence

God commands a lot of genocide in the Bible. Apparently feeling compelled to justify the savagery of his favorite deity, apologist William Lane Craig actually argues that the slaughter was justified and righteous. [Read more...]

Predictions for the End of the World

End of the world predictions

How common are end-times predictions? Perhaps more common than you think. “The end is nigh!” is a prediction with much backpedaling. [Read more...]