WHAT God? Religion Keeps Not Finding Him.

Religion Tree

There’s a new marvelously complicated tree of world religions that illustrates our evolving interpretations of the divine. What does it mean that these forms of belief are diverging? [Read more...]

The Hypothetical God Fallacy + The Problem of Evil

God not found

Let’s wrap up an analysis of a Christian rejection of the Problem of Evil and label an all-too-common Christian fallacy. [Read more...]

Where Are the Good Christian Arguments? + The Problem of Evil

Nothing here

Let’s use a Christian response to the Problem of Evil to illustrate a common frustration: finding interesting and challenging Christian apologetic arguments. [Read more...]

A Christian Apologist Wrestles Euthyphro and Loses

Sumo wrestlers

The Euthyphro dilemma is a venerable problem for the Christian apologist. They try to wriggle free, but they get squashed to the ground eventually. [Read more...]

Yes, Biblical Slavery Was the Same as American Slavery


In an ongoing effort to let the Bible speak for itself, consider a recent post by a Christian apologist who energetically argues that biblical slavery and American slavery were very different. [Read more...]

God Creates Evil


The Ten Commandments is a short list, and it doesn’t cover all of God’s shenanigans. We’ll also compare God’s holy book against a much better source of morality. (And about God creating evil? That comes from the Bible.) [Read more...]

God Needs a 12-Step Program to Obey His 10 Commandments

Sand sculpture

If God gave Man the Ten Commandments, you’d think that he’d be the one who followed them the best. You’d be wrong. Perhaps God’s guiding principle is “do as I say, not as I do.” [Read more...]

George Washington Couldn’t Tell a Lie … But God Can

George Washington and the cherry tree (painting, 1939)

You’d think that only fallible humans would have a hard time telling the truth. Perhaps God is only human, because this is a tough one for him, too. [Read more...]

Why the Gospel of Mark Is Likely NOT an Eyewitness Account

Martyrdom of Mark

How do we know that Mark wrote Mark? Why believe the claims that Mark documented eyewitness testimony–or that any of the gospels do? There is evidence, but it’s pretty flimsy. Here’s how apologists justify those claims. [Read more...]

Human Sacrifice in the Bible (2 of 2)

“Noah’s Offering” by Francesco Castiglione (17th century)

Don’t think the Bible gets saner as you move from the Old Testament to the New. Take a look at the logic behind the Bible’s most important human sacrifice. [Read more...]