Arguing the Truth of the Bible (Fiction)

A Christian and an atheist debate various arguments for the truth of the Bible in this excerpt from my book Cross Examined. [Read more…]

War Just an Invention? Then Invent Something Better.

Is war an inherent part of society or is it just an invention? If an invention, perhaps we can invent something better to replace it. Let’s next ask the same question about religion. [Read more…]

A Response to Pascal’s Wager (Fiction)

Mathematician Blaise Pascal famously compared belief in God to a wager. In this scene from my book, a Christian and an atheist argue about the strength of this argument. [Read more…]

Foolproof Method for Separating History From Legend?

A Christian author proposes four simple rules for winnowing historical truth from legend. Let’s try them out. He concludes with a bizarre standard for knowing truth. [Read more…]

Christianity: Just Another Marketing Scam

Take a look at this outrageous ad from 30 years ago and see if it doesn’t remind you of someone. Or something. [Read more…]

Prayer Cures Disease? Tried and Found Wanting.

Claims that prayer actually does work aren’t hard to find. Finding the evidence to back up such a claim is much more difficult. [Read more…]

Superman and Jesus: More Similar than You Might Imagine

Superman comes to earth to save humanity just like Jesus. Though the stories are similar, more interesting is that the methods Christian apologists use to declare Jesus historical come to a similar conclusion for Superman. [Read more…]

A “Personal Relationship” With Jesus? Let’s Test That.

“I have a personal relationship with Jesus” comes easily to the lips of many Christians. But have you ever stopped to think what this would mean in practice? Let’s explore what a “personal relationship” with Jesus would actually look like. [Read more…]

Christians as Star Trek Fans

Christians and Star Trek fans (the kind who dress up like Vulcans and Klingons) share a lot more similarities than Christians may like. [Read more…]

Sh*t Christians Say

Christians have a shaky relationship with evidence. They embrace it—in fact, say they’re the rational ones. But look at what else they say. [Read more…]