How to Invent a Plausible God

Chair balancing

Religions walk a fine line between promising too little and promising too much. Too little and no one cares; too much and you get found out. But there’s a surprising advantage to contradictions in your religion’s story. [Read more...]

National Day of Actually DOING Something

National Day of Prayer

Prayer is easy. Doing something is hard. Let’s be adults and realize that prayer does nothing more than make people feel good. Wouldn’t a National Day of Actually DOING Something be more effective than a National Day of Prayer? [Read more...]

Does Prayer Actually, Y’know, WORK?

Sand drains through fingers (like time)

The National Day of Prayer approacheth, which means that it’s a good time to critique the value of prayer. [Read more...]

Televangelists Show Prayer is Useless

Linus gullibly awaits the Great Pumpkin (yet again)

Televangelists always ask for your prayers, but they always ask for lots of cash as well. What does this tell us about what supports their show? Maybe they’re a lot smarter than they seem. [Read more...]

God ♥ Genocide

William Lane Craig plays chess

The Bible makes clear what God thinks of genocide. Apologist William Lane Craig attempts a rearguard action, but his defense of God is pretty weak. [Read more...]

Do Atheists Borrow From the Christian Worldview?

Maxwell's Equations

We’re told, “The atheist borrows from the Christian worldview!” But dig into this claim, and you’ll see there’s nothing there. Here’s a parable that illustrates the issue. [Read more...]

500 Eyewitnesses to the Risen Christ? Not Likely.

A fragment of manuscript P46, a papyrus collection of many of the New Testament epistles. It was written in about 200CE.

The apostle Paul claims that 500 people saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion. This claim is popular among apologists who imagine this as strong evidence that the crucifixion is historical. However, this argument crumbles under scrutiny. [Read more...]

A Critique of 1 Corinthians 15

Fragment of 1 Corinthians 15 from Codex Sinaiticus

This chapter in Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth makes perhaps Paul’s clearest summary of Christian theology, but Paul’s views don’t match those of many Christians. [Read more...]

Shroud of Turin: An Easter Miracle?

Shroud of Turin closeup

What are we to make of the Shroud of Turin? Is it a miracle or a fake? [Read more...]

The Curious Case of Antony Flew

atheist now deist antony flew book not convincing

In the list of atheists who’ve noisily turned their backs on atheism, philosopher Antony Flew is near the top. I don’t question that Flew became a deist. What I question is how relevant his example is. [Read more...]