Christianity’s Immovable Rock vs. Its Irresistible Force

Is science the friend of Christianity? Or is building faith on a foundation of science a foolish enterprise? Cheer on your favorite gladiator as we explore the options. [Read more…]

An Attack on My Naysayer Argument

I posted my Naysayer Hypothesis at a Catholic site, and someone wrote a response. Let’s take a look to see if it holds up. [Read more…]

The Childish Faith of John Lennox (2 of 2)

Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox is an energetic defender of Christianity, but a recent interview on the Problem of Evil suggests that his mathematical proofs may be a lot stronger than his Christian ones (part 2 of 2). [Read more…]

Where’s God? He’s Harder to Find than Waldo.

Pick an important leader in any field. Now imagine a detailed history of the field that omits that central figure. You’d notice the absence, right? We’re told that God is a central figure in reality—let’s try the same thought experiment with him. [Read more…]

When a Contradictory Bible Is a Good Thing

Religions walk a fine line between promising too little and promising too much. Too little and no one cares; too much and you can’t deliver on your promises. But there’s a surprising advantage to contradictions in your religion’s story. [Read more…]

Happy Anniversary of the World Not Ending

Remember when the world ended five years ago? Good times!
[Read more…]

National Day of Actually DOING Something

Prayer is easy. Doing something is hard. Let’s be adults and realize that prayer does nothing more than make people feel good. Wouldn’t a National Day of Actually DOING Something be more effective than a National Day of Prayer? [Read more…]

Why Is Christianity Conservative? Shouldn’t it Be Leading the Charge for Change?

The Christian church is conservative. That’s not surprising. But doesn’t the church claim to have the one correct worldview? Shouldn’t it be progressive, not conservative, leading the charge for social change and improvement? [Read more…]

A Simple Thought Experiment Defeats Claim that Bible Is Accurate

Christian apologists like to argue that the Bible is so much more reliable than other ancient books. But let’s see how they respond to a challenge that illustrates how weak their claim of accuracy is. [Read more…]

God ♥ Genocide

The Bible makes clear what God thinks of genocide. Apologist William Lane Craig attempts a rearguard action, but his defense of God is pretty weak. [Read more…]