Maybe People CAN Change Their Minds After All

We don’t think like Mr. Spock. Biases and rationalizations and errors make our reasoning imperfect. Understanding those imperfections can help those of us trying to get others to change an intellectual position. [Read more…]

A Response to Evolution Deniers: How Complex Comes from Simple

Creationists often say that DNA’s complexity is proof of God, but there are many examples in nature and math of complex coming from simple. [Read more…]

“DNA is a Program, and Programs Demand a Programmer”: a Response

Science rarely lines up for the benefit of the Christian apologist . . . but is this one of those cases? DNA dictates how to make living cells, which are very complicated. DNA works like software. Is it evidence of God the programmer? [Read more…]

Human Memory: Vivid Doesn’t Mean Accurate

Surely you remember where you were on 9/11. Apologists argue that the remarkable nature of the gospel story meant that it was recorded correctly. But an example shows the dramatic difference between a vivid memory and an accurate one. [Read more…]

Frank Turek’s Criminally Bad C.R.I.M.E.S. Argument: Fine Tuning

Frank Turek argues that the fine tuning of the cosmological constants argues in favor of theism. Let’s take a look.
[Read more…]

Revisiting the Kalam Cosmological Argument (3 of 3)

Let’s revisit the popular Christian apologetic, the Kalam argument, by investigating rebuttals to 11 objections. See if they’re effective, and see how much of my original argument remains. (3 of 3) [Read more…]

Frank Turek’s C.R.I.M.E.S. Argument for Theism is Criminal

Frank Turek uses the acronym CRIMES to organize the six arguments he makes for theism in a recent book. Let’s examine them one by one. [Read more…]

“A Universe That’s Understandable Points to God,” but How Understandable Is the Universe?

Christian apologists point to a universe that is understandable by physics, mathematics, and other disciplines as evidence of God. That kind of order shows the hand of God! But let’s first ask ourselves how understandable the universe actually is. [Read more…]

Do Souls Exist? Science Says No.

Research from neuroscience and physics show that there is no good reason to imagine that souls actually exist. We’ll start with the guy in the photo. A blasting accident shot an iron rod through his head, but he survived to give science early evidence of the mind/brain connection. [Read more…]

Do Atheists Borrow From the Christian Worldview? A Parable.

We’re told, “The atheist borrows from the Christian worldview!” But dig into this claim, and you’ll see there’s nothing there. Here’s a parable that illustrates the issue. [Read more…]