Christians’ Secret Weapon Against Evolution (2 of 2)

Christian apologist Greg Koukl rejects evolution, and he gives three reasons why. He seems to think that weakness within science (and you can judge if he makes his case) means that his Christian argument wins by default. [Read more…]

Christians’ Secret Weapon Against Evolution (1 of 2)

Christian Creationists can’t win the scientific argument against evolution, so they advance their argument as best they can by going directly to ordinary citizens. Lacking the science, they fall back on something else. [Read more…]

Games Creationists Play: 7 Tricks to Watch Out For

Suppose you’re a conservative politician and you want to pick and choose your science based on how it pleases you. How do you justify that? Here are some tricks to use if you want to support that agenda (or to watch out for if you actually care about the science). [Read more…]

Hey, GOP Candidates! Want to Reject Science Without Looking Like a Troglodyte?

That pesky scientific consensus gets in the way so often that conservatives often prefer to pick their own consensus. Here’s another attempt at justifying this. [Read more…]

Argument from Design BUSTED!

DNA is marvelously complicated, but mere complexity can make us miss the real issues. When we examine DNA and the sloppy way it’s put together, the Argument from Design collapses. We’ll also consider Christian defenses of the argument. [Read more…]

The Design Hypothesis, DNA, and Dysteleology

Teleology says that life shows the hand of a designer; dysteleology says the reverse. Four aspects of DNA—the c-value enigma, pseudogenes, endogenous retroviruses, and atavisms—make a clear case for the latter. [Read more…]

10 Tips for Dealing with Creationists

Creationists say the craziest things. Let’s look at some of the higher-level errors they make. Consider this a dose of Creationist vaccine. [Read more…]

Making Sense of “Survival of the Fittest”

Creationists seem determined to misunderstand Darwin. Let’s straighten out one term, “survival of the fittest.” [Read more…]

Darwin Day Response to Creationist Chick Tract

Happy birthday Charles Darwin! Let’s fillet a gospel tract that imagines that evolution is flawed. [Read more…]

Forget the Cambrian Explosion—Here’s a SERIOUS Biodiversity Event

Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute recently launched a book about Charles Darwin and the rapid development of phyla during the Cambrian explosion. Yes, the Cambrian explosion was remarkable, but it’s not the anomaly that Intelligent Design advocates want to believe. [Read more…]