The Bible’s Confused Relationship with Science

Christian apologists eagerly point out the many places where the Bible gives us new science that was unknown to the ancients. Well, what would you expect for a book inspired by the omniscient creator of the universe? Let’s investigate. [Read more…]

Parallels to Christians’ Selective Use of Science

Let’s give Christianity a break for a moment and look at a typically liberal attitude in which there is selective use of science. What parallels do we find with Christians’ unscientific attitudes? [Read more…]

Argument from Design BUSTED!

DNA is marvelously complicated, but mere complexity can make us miss the real issues. When we examine DNA and the sloppy way it’s put together, the Argument from Design collapses. We’ll also consider Christian defenses of the argument. [Read more…]

The Design Hypothesis, DNA, and Dysteleology

Teleology says that life shows the hand of a designer; dysteleology says the reverse. Four aspects of DNA—the c-value enigma, pseudogenes, endogenous retroviruses, and atavisms—make a clear case for the latter. [Read more…]

How Does the Kalam Cosmological Argument Suck? Let Me Count the Ways. (2 of 2)

The first premise to William Lane Craig’s Kalam argument didn’t fare so well last time. Let’s move on to the second premise. [Read more…]

How Does the Kalam Cosmological Argument Suck? Let Me Count the Ways.

The venerable Cosmological Argument has many variations, and the Kalam version is the most popular. Let’s see if it holds up. [Read more…]

You Don’t Like the Scientific Consensus? Ignore it Away.

I argue that we are obliged to accept the consensus in a scientific field of which we’re not a part, but not everyone is happy with that approach. Let’s at one argument for how to dismiss an annoying scientific consensus. [Read more…]

Reject the Scientific Consensus? How Do You Justify THAT?

Is a scientific consensus inconvenient? Then just handwave a reason to reject it! Though this is a popular response to unwanted scientific conclusions, it is intellectually indefensible. [Read more…]

Scientist Thinking vs. Lawyer Thinking

Consider two kinds of thinking. Each has its place, but we fool ourselves when we use one but pretend that we’re using another. [Read more…]

10 Tips for Dealing with Creationists

Creationists say the craziest things. Let’s look at some of the higher-level errors they make. Consider this a dose of Creationist vaccine. [Read more…]