F-ing Magnets—How do THEY Work?

This meme comes from a song that celebrates wonder at the universe but also celebrates ignorance. Christians sometimes wallow in a similar ignorance when it suits them. Magnets are actually quite well understood, as is much of the rest of reality. We can thank science, not religion. [Read more…]

Awe: Which Has More, Science or Christianity?

Do we see more awe in reality through the lens of science or Christianity? [Read more…]

Human Memory: Vivid Doesn’t Mean Accurate

Don’t you remember where you were on 9/11? Apologists argue that the remarkable nature of the gospel story meant that it was recorded correctly. But an example shows the dramatic difference between a vivid memory and an accurate one. [Read more…]

How Science Works (and How Christianity Thinks it Wins)

Creationists like to point to discarded ideas that science has left behind—geocentrism, Piltdown Man, ether, the steady-state universe. What they don’t seem to realize is that science’s ability to change in the face of new facts is a strength, not a weakness. [Read more…]

How Do We Know the Moon ISN’T Made of Green Cheese?

We all know that the moon isn’t made of green cheese. But is this knowledge justified? And what can this process tell us about more provocative claims such as “Jesus rose from the dead”? [Read more…]

Bungling the Facts Behind Evolution

An apologetic for politicians who attack science falls short. [Read more…]

Why Pretend That There Is a Soul?

Research from neuroscience and physics show that there is no good reason to imagine that souls actually exist. We’ll start with the guy in the photo. A blasting accident shot an iron rod through his head, but he survived to give science early evidence of the mind/brain connection. [Read more…]

Magic vs. Technology

Jesus performs miracles in the Bible, but are they really all that impressive? Compare them to what we can do with boring old technology, and they may not stand up. [Read more…]

Religion is to Science as Homeopathy is to Medicine

Look at the different healing miracles Jesus does in the gospels. Are they any more effective than debunked alternative medicines? [Read more…]

Argument from Design Busted!

DNA is marvelously complicated, but mere complexity can make us miss the real issues. When we examine DNA and the sloppy way it’s put together, the Argument from Design collapses. [Read more…]