Morality’s Ruby Slippers

Christianity makes a grand show of giving us morality, meaning, and purpose. But it simply gives us back what had always been ours. [Read more…]

Oral Tradition and the Game of Telephone: A. N. Sherwin-White’s Famous Quote

The Jesus story spread widely in the decades after his death, and only then was it written down. How much was it changed by the addition of legend? William Lane Craig assures us that this is not a problem, but his bold claim doesn’t hold up. [Read more…]

How We Decide (And How Religion Subverts the Process)

Part 3 of a 3-part series: how religious faith subverts the decision making process. (Guest post by Richard S. Russell) [Read more…]

How We Decide: the Processes Behind Decision Making

Part 2 of a 3-part series: the 8 processes by which decisions are made. (Guest post by Richard S. Russell) [Read more…]

How We Decide: an Analysis of an Essential Process We Take for Granted

We decide things all the time, but how smart are our decisions? We can improve by exploring the decision-making process. (Guest post by Richard S. Russell) [Read more…]

13 More Puzzles

Here are some more puzzles. You think the last batch was easy? See how you do on these. [Read more…]

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Insights into Bible Miracles from Magician Uri Geller

Those who make paranormal claims have a lot to teach us about the Bible and its supernatural claims. The apologetics from both camps are surprisingly similar. [Read more…]

Counterintuitive Puzzles that Should Be Easy

Our brains are surprisingly imperfect, and a certain category of puzzles highlights that imperfection. They’re quick and easy—or so they seem. See how you do. [Read more…]

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An Honest Way for Christians to Separate Fact From Fiction

Imagine throwing your Net of Truth into the water. You want to pull up truth and nothing but the truth. What rules does the Net use to winnow fact from fiction? [Read more…]

Using Bayes Theorem to Decide How Likely the Jesus Miracle Stories

How can probability be used to clarify the God question? A quick (and easy) summary of Bayes Theorem will provide a useful tool in weighing competing claims. [Read more…]