Houdini vs. Sherlock Holmes

Houdini Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle

Any of us are susceptible to the allure of the pleasing supernatural answer over harsh reality. Magician Harry Houdini gave Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a choice between natural and supernatural explanations. Guess which one he chose. [Read more...]

Failed Prophecy: Psalm 22

Baptism of Jesus

Apologists claim hundreds of prophecies fulfilled by the life of Jesus, and this psalm is one of the most popular. With a little poking, however, the claim that it predicted the crucifixion unravels. [Read more...]

500 Eyewitnesses to the Risen Christ? 9 Reasons Why It’s Not Likely.

1 Corinthians Paul epistle 500 eyewitnesses

The apostle Paul claims that 500 people saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion. This claim is popular among apologists who imagine this as strong evidence that the crucifixion is historical. However, this argument crumbles under scrutiny. [Read more...]

Women at the Tomb Are Weak Evidence for the Resurrection

Resurrection Easter Women

Apologists love to bring up the women at the tomb. Women weren’t reliable witnesses in Jewish culture at the time, so why would the gospel authors place them there if the story weren’t true? But the story unravels with a little scrutiny. [Read more...]

10 Reasons the Crucifixion Story Makes No Sense

Nailed hand

The crucifixion story? Not that big a deal. Here are 10 reasons why it makes no sense. [Read more...]

Jesus: Just One More Dying and Rising Savior


Mythology has many precedents to the story of the resurrection of Jesus. Christian apologists want to pretend they don’t exist. Take a look. [Read more...]

Virgin Birth of Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

Manger scene in stained glass

Matthew grounds his virgin birth story as the fulfillment of a prophecy from the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Let’s take a look at what Isaiah is actually talking about to see if Matthew’s claim holds up. [Read more...]

“This is Guaranteed to Convert You!”

A life-changing pamphlet?

Imagine the claim, “I hold in my hand a pamphlet that will undercut your religious worldview!” How would a Christian and an atheist respond to this? The same way? Or would they respond differently? How would you respond? [Read more...]

Can Christian Scholars be Objective?

Christian scholars' golden handcuffs

Christian scholar Michael Licona made one small challenge to the inerrancy of scripture, and that intellectual honest cost him his job. This shows what can happen if a Christian scholar follows the facts where they lead. More importantly, it means that anything written by Christian scholars bound by their university’s statement of faith, is suspect. [Read more...]

A God-Created World Would Look Like a ’60s Family Sitcom

There are no big problems in a “Leave It to Beaver” world

Christians must defend the messed-up world that God gave us, and sometimes they push back and demand to know what the atheist thinks would be better. I’m glad they asked, because I know what a God-created world would look like. [Read more...]