20 Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage, Rebutted

Colored waiting room, bus stop in Durham, NC (1940)

Same-sex marriage seems inevitable in America, but anti-gay arguments remain a siren song to many conservatives. Let’s critique these arguments. [Read more...]

Having Lost the Same-Sex Marriage Fight, What Will Opponents Do Now? (2 of 2)


America has embraced same-sex marriage, but opponents aren’t done screwing with society. They’re happy to see Christians discriminate against same-sex couples, but have they considered the consequences of that policy? [Read more...]

Having Lost the Same-Sex Marriage Fight, What Will Opponents Do Now?


In an abrupt about-face, America has embraced same-sex marriage. It’s clear how this social issue will play out. But consider what conservative opponents may try next. [Read more...]

The Inevitability of Gay Marriage

gay marriage rights

Same-sex marriage seems inevitable, and much of the Christian church in America is opposed to this. Let’s look at how it’s responding to the challenge and speculate on how the church will look back on its handling of the issue. [Read more...]

Homosexuality in Nature

2 chimps

Is homosexuality in humans an aberration? A deviation from nature? No, humans have a lot of company in this department. [Read more...]

Biblical Marriage: Not a Pretty Picture

same-sex biblical marriage

Do the Bible and the Church make a clear and unambiguous declaration that marriage is between a man and a woman? Nope. Our view of marriage is recent, and the Bible has some pretty crazy stuff about marriage. [Read more...]

Marriage—Designed for Procreation?

Heracles and Omphale

Marriage, many Christians want us to believe, is for procreation. That’s right—not companionship, not love, not even financial support. (I wonder if they know that babies don’t come from marriage but sex.) [Read more...]

What Does the New Testament Say about Homosexuality?

Heaven and Hell

Several passages from the New Testament are often cited to condemn homosexuality, but these sources undercut their own credibility. [Read more...]

Does the Old Testament Condemn Homosexuality? (2 of 2)

Last Judgment inset

This post concludes our look at homosexuality in the Old Testament with some passages from Leviticus. At first glance, they’re pretty harsh. When properly understood, however, they don’t provide much ammunition to the Christian eager to condemn homosexuality. [Read more...]

Does the Old Testament Condemn Homosexuality?

Old Testament homosexuality

Take a look at the Old Testament story of Sodom and Gomorrah. It doesn’t say as much about homosexuality in modern society as many Christians imagine. [Read more...]