Does the Bible Reveal Objective Truth About Homosexuality?

I’m a bit surprised that I wind up agreeing with apologist Greg Koukl on a matter of biblical interpretation. Nevertheless, that doesn’t put his argument against homosexuality in a very good light. [Read more…]

Why a Single Human Cell is Not a Baby

Many pro-life advocates say that it’s a “baby” or “person” from newborn all the way back in time to the single cell that it started as nine months earlier. A simple illustration shows the flaw in the argument. [Read more…]

Religion in Public Schools: What Does the First Amendment Allow?

What do you do when faced with a law that seems to be ignorant of the First Amendment? Here is a brief primer on how religious freedom applies in public schools. [Read more…]

Bible Reading in Schools: Still Illegal After Half a Century

Bible reading in public schools was declared illegal 50 years ago, but we can’t rest on our laurels. Consider just one ongoing attack, a new Mississippi law that permits religious speech in schools. [Read more…]

William Lane Craig Doesn’t Believe in Objective Moral Values

William Lane Craig has linked the existence of God to the existence of objective moral values. He’s also given us a definition for those values, but is that definition objectively true? Let’s put it to the test. [Read more…]

Why We Disagree on Moral Issues

Back and forth we go, arguing about who’s right on moral issues. I know of no easy solution to that problem, but I can offer insights into WHY liberals and conservatives differ. The key is seeing the individual components of morality. [Read more…]

Bring Back Our Motto! (Speech at Rally in Olympia, WA)

Take a look at our national motto, “In God We Trust.” Not only does it disenfranchise non-Christians, it steps on the Constitution. When pressed, Christian supporters admit the problem. We must return to E Pluribus Unum. [Read more…]

A Biblical Foundation for American Freedoms?

Some Christian history revisionists eagerly claim biblical precedents for the pioneering rights that the U.S. Constitution. But compare it with the Ten Commandments and the differences become clear. [Read more…]

Can a Moral Person Be a Carnivore?

One moral problem that I seem to be on the wrong side of is eating meat. How can I justify it? (How can you?)

But there may be a solution.

[Read more…]

Do Pro-Life Advocates Want to Reduce Abortion? Sure Doesn’t Look Like It.

A popular Christian podcast recently addressed the dilemma, Does pro-life logic demand that women who get abortions should be punished? They claim to want to eliminate abortions, but their actions tell another story (5 of 5). [Read more…]