A Defense of a Christian Homophobe


A pastor says that death by stoning should be the punishment for homosexuality. If it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for him. Wade through the insanity, though, and there are valid points here. [Read more...]

Being on the Wrong Side of History on Same-Sex Marriage? Worse than You Think.

wedding 210

Opponents of same-sex marriage say that they’re fighting the good fight. They know they’re right, and they don’t much care how history will judge them. (But they should.) [Read more...]

Does the Church Face a Dietrich Bonhoeffer Moment? Maybe It’s Just a Case of the Vapours.


A Christian blogger makes a poor comparison that backfires. [Read more...]

Two Sizes Too Small: For What Social Errors Will History Condemn Us?


Everyone thinks they know something about the future, but this is a special kind of prediction. We look back on our history and cringe at some of our social errors like slavery. But what errors do we make for which our descendants will criticize us? [Read more...]

Something Better than “In God We Trust”

Seal of the President of the United States

There is a nationwide movement to get “In God We Trust” displayed in public buildings. Here’s a better idea. [Read more...]

Who Cares About Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin (1883 portrait by John Collier)

Charles Darwin was a giant force within biology, but I don’t care what he wrote. Creationists, by contrast, care a lot. They apparently imagine that, if they can quote him out of context, they can cast doubt on the validity of evolution. [Read more...]

C. S. Lewis on Science

Magician's Twin video

The Discovery Institute produced a video about C.S. Lewis and science. Their agenda showed through. [Read more...]

Turning the Tables on Same-Sex Marriage? Not with THIS Argument (2 of 2).

Looks like that hurts

A Christian blogger offers six suggestions to improve the rhetorical position of Christians arguing against same-sex marriage. I agree with him that the Christian has an uphill battle, but I don’t agree that these suggestions make his argument any more palatable. [Read more...]

Turning the Tables on Same-Sex Marriage? Not with THIS Argument.

Please spank me

A Christian blogger came up with an intriguing experiment to explore whether it makes sense for Christian bakers to refuse to bake for gay weddings. See if you’re more impressed than I was. [Read more...]

20 Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage, Rebutted (Part 6)

The Pied Piper leads credulous people

Same-sex marriage seems inevitable in America, but anti-gay arguments remain a siren song to many conservatives. Let’s critique the final arguments, 17–20. [Read more...]