Having Lost the Same-Sex Marriage Fight, What Will Opponents Do Now? (2 of 2)


America has embraced same-sex marriage, but opponents aren’t done screwing with society. They’re happy to see Christians discriminate against same-sex couples, but have they considered the consequences of that policy? [Read more...]

Having Lost the Same-Sex Marriage Fight, What Will Opponents Do Now?


In an abrupt about-face, America has embraced same-sex marriage. It’s clear how this social issue will play out. But consider what conservative opponents may try next. [Read more...]

Church Civil Disobedience: Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Part of a Norwegian manuscript discovered in about 1700.

Nonprofit status comes with strings attached, and one of those is that pastors must not advocate for one candidate over another. This quid pro quo seems oppressive to some, and they have organized civil disobedience against it. [Read more...]

Don’t Like Abortion? Then Support Sex Education.

Sex ed

An excellent infographic makes clear the problems caused by poor sex education. [Read more...]

Ray Comfort’s Anti-Abortion Video “180”


Ray Comfort’s “180” documentary spends little time arguing against abortion, and no time making coherent, intellectual arguments against abortion. What it does talk about is predictable. [Read more...]

Yes, Biblical Slavery Was the Same as American Slavery (2 of 2)

“The Lash” (1863)

Our Christian apologist turns to the New Testament to try to reclaim God’s moral mandate on the issue of slavery. [Read more...]

5 Recommendations to the Pro-Life Movement

We're all in this together

Why would I want to improve the stance of the pro-life position? Because there’s actually a lot of common ground, and we’re missing the chance to work together. [Read more...]

“I Do Abortions Because I Am a Christian”

Christian abortion

I so often focus on Christians with whom I disagree that it’s nice to find one that I can support. Meet a Christian abortion doctor who sees his profession as a ministry. [Read more...]

The Inevitability of Gay Marriage

gay marriage rights

Same-sex marriage seems inevitable, and much of the Christian church in America is opposed to this. Let’s look at how it’s responding to the challenge and speculate on how the church will look back on its handling of the issue. [Read more...]

10 Rules of Life

rules of life to live by

This life advice approaches things from a different angle. [Read more...]