National Day of Prayer Wasting Time

The National Day of Prayer approacheth, which means that it’s a good time to critique the value of prayer. [Read more…]

Slavery Back as a Discussion Topic? Thanks, Trump.

Has Donald Trump opened Pandora’s Box of hateful ideas? [Read more…]

The Limits of Open Mindedness in Debates on Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion

A Republican senator reversed himself on same-sex marriage and now supports it. What causes a change in so fundamental an issue? And how does this apply to abortion? [Read more…]

The Election-Year Issue No One Is Talking About

The economy, terrorism, gun control, health care—Americans have a lot on their minds in this election year. But here’s a sleeping issue that should be on the agenda. [Read more…]

If Sports Fandom Is Just a Cultural Trait, Why Isn’t Religion?

Religion and sports both have important dates throughout the calendar. They both have sacred designs and special clothes. They both have revered spaces. Superstition in sports is like supernatural belief in religion. They both create an “us” and a “them.” How far can we take this comparison? [Read more…]

Yeah, but Christianity Built Universities and Hospitals!

What has Christianity done for society? Christians will quickly respond that they were pioneers in building universities and hospitals. Let’s look behind that claim to see if it stands up. [Read more…]

Was the Colorado Springs Shooter No Worse Than Planned Parenthood Itself?

Take a look at radical pro-life thinking in an article that condemns the shooting but can’t lay off the vicious rhetoric that might have prompted it. [Read more…]

Response to My Position on Abortion

A blogger has responded to my spectrum argument about abortion. Here’s my response. [Read more…]

Breaking: Seattle Chapter of The Satanic Temple Prepared for Satanic Invocation Tonight in Bremerton

A local football coach has been violating church-state separation laws by praying with his team on the field after games. This has got to stop, even if it means bringing in The Satanic Temple. [Read more…]

Is America the Greatest Country in the World? A Rant.

Imagine the farewell speech from a politician dropping out of politics where all the impolitic things he’s wanted to say for years come spilling out. Here’s such a swan song from a politician who has much to say about things nice people don’t talk about: politics and religion. [Read more…]