Atheist Monument Critique: Founding Father Freethinkers

New atheist monument on public land in Starke, Florida

A Christian contrarian is unhappy with a new atheist monument on public property. See how well his attack stands up to quotes from three founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. [Read more...]

Atheist Monument Critique: Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Atheist activist Madalyn Murray O’Hair

A Christian contrarian is unhappy with a new atheist monument on public property. See how well his attack stands up to the quote by Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of American Atheists. [Read more...]

Church/State Separation—Where Is the Line?

Ten Commandments monument on government property in Starke, FL

What is the attraction of putting Christian propaganda on public property? American Atheists recently put up a monument in response to a six-ton Ten Commandments on government property. One Christian attacked the monument; let’s critique. [Read more...]

Understanding Morality—It’s Really Not that Hard

Scream square

When apologist Greg Koukl critiques atheist morality, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll get so many things wrong. [Read more...]

Explanation for Objective Morality? Another Fail.

The evils of gin

In my never-ending quest to find a reasonable defense for the Christian claim of objective morality, I consider the argument of another apologist. [Read more...]

How Science Works (and How Christianity Thinks it Wins)

Errors: Science vs. Christianity

Creationists like to point to discarded ideas that science has left behind—geocentrism, Piltdown Man, ether, the steady-state universe. What they don’t seem to realize is that science’s ability to change in the face of new facts is a strength, not a weakness. [Read more...]

James Dobson Needs My Money (and an Education)

Big wad of cash

In a fundraising letter, James Dobson makes clear the social problems he sees with the country and how making ourselves right with God would set everything right. It’s irresistible to pass up the opportunity to point out just a few errors. [Read more...]

Who Cares What the Bible Says About Gays? Look What it Says About Banks!

Jesus drives out the moneychangers

Are you interested in what the Bible says about homosexuality? First, let’s be clear about what little it actually does say. Next, be consistent. Given the Bible’s concern about the sin of lending with interest is, THAT is where the Christian’s focus should be. [Read more...]

Objective Truth: Does the Bible Speak Plainly About Homosexuality?

Peaceful anti-gay protester gets beat up in a Chick tract

I’m a bit surprised that I wind up agreeing with apologist Greg Koukl on a matter of biblical interpretation. Nevertheless, that doesn’t put his argument against homosexuality in a very good light. [Read more...]

Religion in Public Schools: What Does the First Amendment Allow?

Lemon Sherbert—oddly relevant to questions about the First Amendment

What do you do when faced with a law that seems to be ignorant of the First Amendment? Here is a brief primer on how religious freedom applies in public schools. [Read more...]