The Election-Year Issue No One Is Talking About

Big pile of cash

The economy, terrorism, gun control, health care—Americans have a lot on their minds in this election year. But here’s a sleeping issue that should be on the agenda. [Read more...]

Breaking: Seattle Chapter of The Satanic Temple Prepared for Satanic Invocation Tonight in Bremerton

Logo of The Satanic Temple

A local football coach has been violating church-state separation laws by praying with his team on the field after games. This has got to stop, even if it means bringing in The Satanic Temple. [Read more...]

The Kim Davis Discussion Must Include JFK

President Kennedy gives speech to Congress proposing mission to moon (5/25/1961)

The civil disobedience of Kim Davis is big news. What hasn’t been explored is how this situation parallels that of John F. Kennedy more than fifty years ago. [Read more...]

A Call for Civil Disobedience: Remove the “God”

Wicked anarchists shamelessly display their handiwork (identities hidden)

It’s a rare good cause that encourages civil disobedience. If you object to “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency, do something about it. [Read more...]

Something Better than “In God We Trust”

Seal of the President of the United States

There is a nationwide movement to get “In God We Trust” displayed in public buildings. Here’s a better idea. [Read more...]

Church Civil Disobedience: Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Part of a Norwegian manuscript discovered in about 1700.

Nonprofit status comes with strings attached, and one of those is that pastors must not advocate for one candidate over another. This quid pro quo seems oppressive to some, and they have organized civil disobedience against it. [Read more...]

Ten Commandments Have no Role in Public

Ten Commandments

Few Americans can list the Ten Commandments, but so what? What is their relevance in modern society? [Read more...]

Are Churches More Like Charities or Country Clubs?

Judas receives money from the Sanhedrin (painting on the ceiling of 18th century church Guanajuato, Mexico)

We can tell charities from country clubs by their financial statements. Charities do good works with most of their income; country clubs don’t. Which one is more like a typical church? [Read more...]

Church Accountability

church finances

Senator Grassley was largely ignored by six ministries when he asked for information about their operations four years ago. What are they hiding? [Read more...]

What Do Churches Have to Hide?

IRS Form 990

U.S. nonprofits are required to disclose their financial information to the public. It’s a contract—the Internal Revenue Service gives them nonprofit status, and in return they prove that they’re spending that money wisely. This applies to all nonprofits except churches. Isn’t that odd? It’s almost like they have something to hide. [Read more...]