Mormonism Beats Christianity—Or Does It?

Run through the list of arguments for the evidence of Christianity, and you’ll find that the Mormon evidence beats each one. If Christians are serious about these arguments, must they then accept Mormonism? [Read more…]

Where Complaints About Christian Persecution Fall Flat

Let’s skewer some claims of Christian persecution and see how the outrage can be redirected in a way that works better for all of us, Christian and atheist. [Read more…]

A Pro-Christian Argument For A Change: the Transcendental Argument

How about an argument from the Christian standpoint for a change? This is the Transcendental Argument as presented in my novel “Cross Examined.” [Read more…]

Frank Turek’s Criminally Bad C.R.I.M.E.S. Argument: Information

Apologist Frank Turek argues that information in DNA is evidence of God, but he picks the worst possible animal as an example. [Read more…]

Bible Interpretation? It Works Like the Paul-is-Dead Rumor.

Have you heard of the clues in the Abbey Road album about Paul McCartney being dead? They weren’t put there by the Beatles themselves; they were invented by imaginative fans. What ideas were similarly invented (or ignored) by eager fans of the Bible? [Read more…]

Never Quote a Bible Verse (and 7 Examples Where Christians Forget This Advice)

A Christian apologist gives good advice about never reading a Bible verse without reading it in its context. Out-of-context verses are a Christian tradition, and Chick tracts are a fun source of examples. [Read more…]

How Long from Original New Testament Books to Oldest Copies?

Consider the time gap from the original of each book in the New Testament to our oldest copy, chapter by chapter. This gap is on average 171 years. How can we trust what the New Testament says when we can’t be sure that copies were faithfully made during that long period? [Read more…]

Fat Chance: Why Pigs Will Fly Before Ray Comfort Writes an Honest Critique of Atheists (Part 2)

We continue with our critique of Ray Comfort’s new book. Ray fills us in on how atheists think and opens up about how hurt he’s been with other critiques. (I doubt this one will cheer him up.) [Read more…]

Checking Back on Dire Predictions About the Boy Scouts Allowing Homosexuals

Christians gave the Boy Scouts of America a lot of criticism about their policy to allow gay Scouts three years ago. Let’s check in to see how the organization is doing. [Read more…]

The Childish Faith of John Lennox

Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox is an energetic defender of Christianity, but a recent interview on the Problem of Evil suggests that his mathematical proofs may be a lot stronger than his Christian ones. [Read more…]