Fat Chance: Why Pigs Will Fly Before Ray Comfort Writes an Honest Critique of Atheists (Part 2)

We continue with our critique of Ray Comfort’s new book. Ray fills us in on how atheists think and opens up about how hurt he’s been with other critiques. (I doubt this one will cheer him up.) [Read more…]

Checking Back on Dire Predictions About the Boy Scouts Allowing Homosexuals

Christians gave the Boy Scouts of America a lot of criticism about their policy to allow gay Scouts three years ago. Let’s check in to see how the organization is doing. [Read more…]

The Childish Faith of John Lennox

Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox is an energetic defender of Christianity, but a recent interview on the Problem of Evil suggests that his mathematical proofs may be a lot stronger than his Christian ones. [Read more…]

Revisiting Dire Predictions of America After Obergefell

We’re nearing the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States. It’s time to revisit one of the predictions of disaster that would come from such a society. [Read more…]

A Critique of a Popular Bible Passage Shows It’s Not the Powerful Evidence Christians Imagine

A chapter in 1 Corinthians makes perhaps Paul’s clearest summary of Christian theology, but his views don’t match those of many Christians. [Read more…]

Christians’ Damning Refuge in “Difficult Verses”

Have you ever discussed some unpleasantness in the Bible only to hear that we need to “let the clearer passages interpret the difficult ones” or “let the Bible clarify the Bible”? What’s to clarify? Don’t label parts of the Bible “clear” and “difficult” when you really mean “pleasing” and “displeasing”! [Read more…]

Does Secularism Have a Debt to Christianity?

A popular article argues that all of us—atheists, too—owe a great debt to Christianity. It grounds the stable Western society that we take for granted. Or does it? [Read more…]

The Bible: a Pro-Slavery Free-For-All!

That God allows slavery in the Old Testament is one of the stickier issues Christian apologists deal with, but instead of dealing with it honestly, some want to ignore the difficult parts. Take a look at what they don’t want you to know. [Read more…]

Biblical Polytheism

Have you come across enigmatic verses where God seems to be one of many? The Old Testament is full of them. Let’s take a look and see the transition from polytheism to monotheism. [Read more…]

2015 Predictions: How Did the Christian Psychics Do?

Every year, tabloid magazines give psychics’ predictions for that year. And every year, those predictions succeed no better than chance. Evangelical Christian pundits are eager for the end times, but their predictions are just as bad. [Read more…]