The Bible: a Pro-Slavery Free-For-All!

Slave auction

That God allows slavery in the Old Testament is one of the stickier issues Christian apologists deal with, but instead of dealing with it honestly, some want to ignore the difficult parts. Take a look at what they don’t want you to know. [Read more...]

Biblical Polytheism

The Assembly of the Gods, 1575

Have you come across enigmatic verses where God seems to be one of many? The Old Testament is full of them. Let’s take a look and see the transition from polytheism to monotheism. [Read more...]

2015 Predictions: How Did the Christian Psychics Do?

National Enquirer annual predictions

Every year, tabloid magazines give psychics’ predictions for that year. And every year, those predictions succeed no better than chance. Evangelical Christian pundits are eager for the end times, but their predictions are just as bad. [Read more...]

New Commenting System: Welcome to World Table

Giraffes talking

Change is inevitable, and we have a new commenting system that should make life difficult for trolls and other obnoxious commenters. [Read more...]

Lawyer Thinking, Revisited

English barrister, 1891

Podcaster J. Warner Wallace has pushed back against my “Scientist Thinking vs. Lawyer Thinking” post. Let’s give him a hearing. [Read more...]

How Much Faith to Be an Atheist? Geisler and Turek’s Moral Argument (Part 2).

Which is more wrong—the nudity or the skin damage from the sun?

We continue exploring the moral argument in “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.” [Read more...]

Christian Claims: Beyond Extraordinary


“God exists” is an easy claim to make, but how likely is it? Consider a series of increasingly unlikely categories of claims to see where the Christian claim fits in. [Read more...]

Street Preacher Cage Match, Part 2

Atheist sign

Here’s the other side of the banner I’ve taken out in public in response to street preachers [Read more...]

Gospels vs. the Perfect Miracle Claim

Lots of coins

We can argue back and forth for hours about the quality of the evidence in the gospels, but let’s make this easier. Just invent the perfect miracle claim. If it’s not compelling, why image that the gospels are? [Read more...]

An Atheist Horror Story (Fiction)

Mars Hill cross

A short story about a man who finds himself where he least expects to be. [Read more...]