Word of the Day: Opiate of the Masses

Karl Marx’s “Religion is the opiate of the masses” quote doesn’t mean what most people think it means. Surprisingly, it gives clues to why religion is here and what would cause it to wither away. [Read more…]

Word of the Day: Deepity

A deepity is basically the opposite of a profundity. A deepity is a statement that, to the extent that it’s true, is trivial, and to the extent that it’s profound, is false. [Read more…]

Word of the Day: Hoare’s Dictum

A computer science pioneer makes a point about simplicity in software that also applies to apologetics arguments: some arguments succeed because they’re plainly correct, but others succeed only because they’re confusing. [Read more…]

Burden of Proof

The idea of the burden of proof is fundamental to the “Does God exist?” question. And it’s an idea that we comfortably use every day to separate sensible from nutty claims. [Read more…]

Principle of Analogy

I recently found the name for a simple and common sense idea that is often abused in apologetics circles, the Principle of Analogy. Bob Price described it this way: We don’t know that things have always happened the way they do now.  But unless we assume that, we can’t infer anything about the past.  If [Read More…]

Caltrop Argument

A caltrop is a small object with four sharp spikes arranged such that however it lands on the ground, three spikes are down and one is pointing up.  Ninjas are said to have tossed these on the ground as they ran away to stop barefoot pursuers. A caltrop argument is a defensive argument that attempts [Read More…]