“Does God Exist?” Debate: Rand Wagner vs. Bob Seidensticker


Here’s the video of my recent debate on the question, “Does God exist?” [Read more...]

Debate Aftermath

Atheist Christian debate

Some thoughts on the recent debate with Christian apologist Rand Wagner. [Read more...]

Evolution is Crazy, Says Man Who Thinks the Earth Was Created 6000 Years Ago, All the Animals Were Saved on a Boat Built by a 600-yo Noah, and our Loving Creator Drowned Everyone

evolution creationism debate

Much could be said of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, but I’ll focus on the low points of Ken Ham’s Creationist message. [Read more...]

Response to Attack on My Naysayer Argument

The Sistene Chapel image without God looks better

I got a response to my argument against the naysayer hypothesis. Let’s take a look to see if it holds up. [Read more...]

Should an Atheist Pray?

Praying person

A worldwide experiment will start in a week in which atheists pray for God to reveal himself. I’ve decided to participate, but does it make any sense for an atheist to pray? (If I’m making a mistake, talk me out of it!) [Read more...]