The World Will End Soon! Again! (2 of 2)

John Hagee’s “Four Blood Moons” claims to tap into cosmic truth, but it looks like just more nonsense to sell books to gullible Christians. [Read more…]

The World Will End Soon! Again!

Pastor John Hagee’s new book tells us that the end might be around the corner. [Read more…]

Predictions for the End of the World

How common are end-times predictions? Perhaps more common than you think. “The end is nigh!” is a prediction with much backpedaling. [Read more…]

Happy Anniversary of the World Not Ending

You may not realize how lucky you are to be reading this. The world was supposed to have ended two days ago … but I guess it didn’t. Again. (And do you know what today is the anniversary of?) [Read more…]

Harold Camping’s New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s take a peek at Harold “The sky is falling” Camping’s New Year’s resolutions. [Read more…]

No Apologies or even Admission of Failure from Camping

Harold Camping’s Family Radio has scrubbed its web site of any reference to its humiliating end-of-the-world failure. In what other industry could such a catastrophic failure be ignored so completely? [Read more…]

End of the World (Again)

I’ve enjoyed it, but this is the last day for this blog. That’s because this is the last day for everything. Yes, today is another in a long list of dates for the end of the world. But remember: celebrate sensibly! (Because tomorrow just might come after all …) [Read more…]

Only 21 More Shopping Days Till the End of the World!

The world will end one month from today on October 21, 2011—or so Harold Camping would have us believe. Many Christians use the Bible to attack his claim. But the Bible is a sock puppet, able to say just about anything you want it to, and Camping is able to respond. [Read more…]