The Inevitability of Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage seems inevitable, and much of the Christian church in America is opposed to this. Let’s look at how it’s responding to the challenge and speculate on how the church will look back on its handling of the issue. [Read more…]

Gay Marriage Inevitable?

Same-sex marriage seems inevitable. If we assume that, how should the church respond? (And how do you think the church will rewrite history 20 years from now when same-sex marriage is commonplace and unquestioned?) [Read more…]

Marriage vs. Religious Freedom

A recent document from conservative Christians declared that the legalization of same-sex marriage would impose unfair burdens on them by barring discrimination against same-sex couples. After U.S. laws against mixed-race marriage were overturned in 1967, do you supposed the church complained in the same way, that they would no longer be able to discriminate against marriages that they didn’t like? [Read more…]

Confused Thinking About Homosexuality

An online Christian ministry has a long argument against homosexuality and same-sex marriage that needs dismantling. [Read more…]