What Good Is Philosophy? (2 of 2)

Philosophy Science

Let’s conclude our critique of philosophy’s role. We start off with philosophy’s positive contributions. [Read more...]

What Good Is Philosophy?

Philosophy Science

It’s time to attack a sacred cow. Philosophy is a popular area for modern Christian apologists, but what good is philosophy, anyway? [Read more...]

Ever Want to Take a Philosophy Class?

“A Philosopher” (1635), inset

Dan Fincke, philosopher and atheist blogger, is offering private philosophy classes. [Read more...]

The Parable of the Professor and the Rocks

This is your Mason jar. You only get one. What will you put in it?

A little story about life’s priorities. [Read more...]

Plantinga’s Nutty Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism

Respected Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga wants to show that the idea of evolution is self-defeating. Unfortunately, he’s outside his area of expertise. His argument hasn’t convinced biologists, and it shouldn’t convince you. [Read more...]

Philosophical Grounding: A Parable

We’re told, “The atheist borrows from the Christian worldview!” But dig into this claim, and you’ll see there’s nothing there. [Read more...]