Irresponsible Use of the Awesome Power of Prayer

Jesus makes bold claims for prayer, and Christian parents often teach their children to pray at a very young age. But is it responsible to trust this awesome power to children? It is, but only because we know that prayer is nothing more than a placebo. [Read more…]

How Does Prayer Work? And What Does that Say About God?

An “ask and you will receive” kind of prayer that doesn’t work that way is a problem that Christians must still dance around. And let’s examine the reductionist god that they’ve created. [Read more…]

Prayer Cures Disease? Tried and Found Wanting.

Claims that prayer actually does work aren’t hard to find. Finding the evidence to back up such a claim is much more difficult. [Read more…]

Televangelists Show Prayer is Useless

Televangelists always ask for your prayers, but they always ask for lots of cash as well. What does this tell us about what supports their show? Maybe they’re a lot smarter than they seem. [Read more…]

Christians: What Would It Take to Change Your Mind?

How resilient is Christianity to contrary evidence? Does it blunder on in spite of clear evidence that its claims are false? Or are Christians eager to follow the evidence where it leads? [Read more…]

Prayer Doesn’t Work as Advertised

Here’s an excerpt from my book where two characters discuss prayer. What does the Bible claim about prayer? Does it deliver on those claims? Is prayer redundant if God already knows everything? How do we explain unanswered prayer? [Read more…]

The Prayer Experiment, Week 1

What’s happened after my first week of daily prayer? [Read more…]

The Atheist Prayer Experiment Begins

The 40-day atheist prayer experiment begins today. I’ll kick this off with a critique of the article behind the project, “Praying to Stop Being an Atheist.” [Read more…]

Should an Atheist Pray?

A worldwide experiment will start in a week in which atheists pray for God to reveal himself. I’ve decided to participate, but does it make any sense for an atheist to pray? (If I’m making a mistake, talk me out of it!) [Read more…]

Do We REALLY Trust in God?

Is it really true that “In God we trust”? With what do we trust him? It might indeed make Christians feel warm and fuzzy to see that motto on U.S. money, but do they actually believe it? [Read more…]