Frank Turek’s Criminally Bad C.R.I.M.E.S. Argument: Evil and Science

This is the final part of Frank Turek’s comprehensive apologetic for Christianity. He says that the Problem of Evil actually works in his favor, and the fruits of science are proof of God’s existence. See if you were more impressed than I was. [Read more…]

Bungling the Facts Behind Evolution

An apologetic for politicians who attack science falls short. [Read more…]

Magic vs. Technology

Jesus performs miracles in the Bible, but are they really all that impressive? Compare them to what we can do with boring old technology, and they may not stand up. [Read more…]

Christianity’s Bogus Claims to Answer Life’s Big Questions

Religion claims to be able to answer life’s big questions, but Science does as well. The thing is, Science’s answers are a lot more credible. [Read more…]

Why Map of World Religions but not World Science?

A map of world religions shows that, in contrast to science, religious answers to life’s Big Questions depend on location—hardly a compelling foundation on which to build truth claims. [Read more…]

Christianity Can’t be Deduced from Nature

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world with no evidence of Christianity. Could it be recreated? [Read more…]

“God Did It” Explains Everything … or Maybe Not

“God did it” is an easy answer to many riddles within science. It’s so broad that it can explain anything, but this means that it explains nothing. [Read more…]

Cartoon: Mythology and Science Just Don’t Mix

Cartoon: Genetics meets the Adam ‘n Eve story, and it’s like salt on a slug. [Read more…]

Stephen Hawking Speaks

Stephen Hawking inspired an excellent and approachable video that explains the Big Bang and why Science has no need for a Creator. [Read more…]

I Survived the Creation Conference (1 of 2)

I attended a local Creationism conference and made it out to tell the tale (part 1 of 2). [Read more…]