10 Commandments (for Atheists)


There’s a new list of ten commandments. These are aimed at anyone, not just Christians. Let’s take a look and run down some Christian retorts. [Read more...]

God Needs a 12-Step Program to Obey His 10 Commandments

Sand sculpture

If God gave Man the Ten Commandments, you’d think that he’d be the one who followed them the best. You’d be wrong. Perhaps God’s guiding principle is “do as I say, not as I do.” [Read more...]

Ten Commandments Have no Role in Public

Ten Commandments

Few Americans can list the Ten Commandments, but so what? What is their relevance in modern society? [Read more...]

The Irrelevant Wisdom of the Ten Commandments

Moses and 10 Commandments

What do the Ten Commandments say? Maybe not what you expect. [Read more...]

Atheist Monument Critique: Ten Commandments and Ten Punishments

Moses receives the Ten Commandments (France, 2010)

A Christian contrarian is unhappy with a new atheist monument on public property. See how well his attack supports the Ten Commandments and the associated punishments. [Read more...]

Church/State Separation—Where Is the Line?

Ten Commandments monument on government property in Starke, FL

What is the attraction of putting Christian propaganda on public property? American Atheists recently put up a monument in response to a six-ton Ten Commandments on government property. One Christian attacked the monument; let’s critique. [Read more...]

A Biblical Foundation for American Freedoms?

What should happen if you violated the tenth commandment

Some Christian history revisionists eagerly claim biblical precedents for the pioneering rights that the U.S. Constitution. But compare it with the Ten Commandments and the differences become clear. [Read more...]

And God is not Good, Either

Church sign - God tortures

The world lost an eloquent voice with Christopher Hitchens’ death one year ago. Inspired by his book “God is Not Great,” I’d like to continue with that thought: “And God is not good, either.” Let’s take a look at the slavery, genocide, and general barbarity the all-loving Creator of the universe apparently approves of. [Read more...]

Word of the Day: Public Square

This term has two meanings, and politicians (deliberately?) conflate them to imagine a problem where none exists. [Read more...]

Ten Commandments have no Role in Public

Few Americans can list the Ten Commandments, but so what? What is their relevance in modern society? [Read more...]