Thar Be Rough Waters Ahead

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As I noted yesterday, I'll be presenting a paper on Quill at the upcoming Tcl/Tk conference. This was a sudden decision, and so I'm scrambling a bit. I spent most of yesterday and all of this morning* working on the paper (which is now finished, at 19 pages of dense technical prose).Thing is, I often spend that time working on blog posts for the coming week. It's now noon on Sunday, and I've got nuttin'. On top of this, I'll be needing to spend time over the next couple of weeks getting … [Read more...]

St. Dominic

St. Dominic

Pray for us. … [Read more...]

Technical Difficulties

The internet has been broken at our house since yesterday morning. It isn't clear whether our DSL modem needs replacing, or whether it's the ISP's fault; but it's kind of irrelevant as I signed up with a different internet provider last week and they are coming to get everything installed tomorrow. With luck, I'll be completely back on the air as of tomorrow afternoon.In the mean time, have a nice day! … [Read more...]

Five Years of Patheos #Patheos5Yrs

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Patheos is celebrating its fifth anniversary, which is more like its 35th anniversary in dog years.I don't recall when I first became aware that Patheos was a thing, but it was probably around the time the Anchoress moved her blog there. I didn't read the Anchoress much then; she seemed to write mostly about political issues that bored me, but once in a while I'd follow an interesting link over to her blog.And then, one after another, other blogs I'd been reading for years began to make … [Read more...]

Watchman for Daybreak Watch


Here's a round-up of writing-related stuff.Watchman for Daybreak is going well. I've revised most of the existing material to reflect my new understanding of Captain St. Cloude, and it appears that I'm going to have two viewpoint characters: the captain, and Fr. Consolmagno Higgins, the Prefect of the new colony. It's not clear to me yet whether Higgins has some serious conflicts of his own, or whether he's mostly a foil to the captain (in this book anyway). And I'm up to 7,400 words, … [Read more...]

Happy Triduum!


It's Holy Thursday, and Holy Thursday mass is just a few hours off; tomorrow is Good Friday; then comes Holy Saturday and the Great Vigil of Easter; and then the sunrise mass if I've got the stamina for it.It's time for contemplation rather than blogging, so I'm going to sign off and do that thing. Barking will resume on Easter Monday. … [Read more...]

Religious Education Congress

I don't know how many of my readers are in the Los Angeles area, but I'm going to be at the diocesan Religious Education Congress on Saturday for a good bit of the day. If you're there you might see me wandering about. … [Read more...]

Sticking the Corners

I had the good fortune to meet Jennifer Fitz in Dallas at the Catholic New Media Conference; she's quiet, articulate, understated, witty, and sharp, and now I'm glad to say she's blogging at Patheos. Blogging up quite a storm, too. Go see what she means by "sticking the corners". … [Read more...]

UPDATED: I’m a Catholic Techie!

Says so. Right here.Every week Sarah Reinhard does a Catholic Techie interview at, and this week it was my turn. If you want to read Sarah saying nice things about me, by all means go take a look. Plus, you get to see me sitting in a teacup.UPDATE: Now, with link! … [Read more...]