The Eagle Has Landed!

You're right, that's not a boy scout uniform.  He's also in his fourth year of JROTC.

To become an Eagle Scout, you need to do a significant service project demonstrating leadership and management skills. You also need to be a Life Scout with sufficient time in rank, earn thirteen specific merit badges plus eight more of your choice, and be a troop officer. And you need to do all of this by no later than the day before your 18th birthday.My son David's 18th birthday is tomorrow.This past Sunday, by dint of heroic effort, he completed the Cooking merit badge at the … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas, Every One!

I'm most unusually going to take some time off from blogging this week, and enjoy being home with the family. May you and yours have a most blessed Christmas; and if you don't celebrate Christmas, may this season still be everything you hope for, within the limits of the law and the well-being of your neighbors.I might pop in now and then over the next week or so; but if not, see you in the New Year! … [Read more...]

Scholastic Maxim of the Day

From nothing, nothing comes.That's not an excuse for not having a more substantial blog post...but it could be. … [Read more...]

New Directions

I've been writing here at Patheos for a little over a year. When I started, I promised myself that I'd post every day, and I've kept to that schedule; but in the meantime, other responsibilities have crept up on me. I started assisting in my parish's RCIA program last year, and this year I'm leading an increasing number of the sessions. I've also got new responsibilities in my Lay Dominican chapter. And then I got started with Quill, which I'm enjoying immensely but which also takes up a … [Read more...]

Catching up….

So I got back from the conference late Saturday afternoon, had my Dominican chapter meeting and similar church responsibilities all day yesterday, have work responsibilities all day today and (most unusually) through the evening, and RCIA tomorrow evening.I'm hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule ASAP, but it may take a few days. … [Read more...]

Portland, O Portland

So today is my last full day in Portland, and due to the weather and the conference activities I haven't actually been out of the hotel since Tuesday evening. (It was genuinely icy at times yesterday.) I'm going to have to go out today, though, as the conference is over just before lunch and the hotel restaurant is your basic $50 steak place. The clouds appear to be thinning this morning, so with luck even if it's cold it might not be wet or windy. We shall see.My talk went well … [Read more...]

Presenting Quill

This morning I'll be presenting my paper on Quill, here at the Tcl/Tk conference in Portland. I'm looking forward to it eagerly.This conference has had a different feel than most, as we've had very little interaction with the surrounding downtown area. The conference proper begins Wednesday morning and ends around noon on Friday, and usually provides a lunch and dinner during that time. This time, however, the number of attendees was lower than expected, and since the hotel requires a … [Read more...]

On the Ground in Portland…

...where it is cold (by Los Angeles standards) and windy, but clear. I strolled up to Powells' City of Books, and nosed around for a bit, but mostly I've been at the conference hotel. It's a small conference this year, only 27 attendees, but I'm looking forward to it. … [Read more...]

High Geekiness is in the Forecast…

...with overcasts of nerdity in the early morning.This is to say that I'll be heading off to the Tcl/Tk Conference on Tuesday morning. It will occupy virtually all of my time from then to the end of the week; and in the meantime I need to beaver away on Quill so that I can deliver Quill v0.3.0 in time to share with folks at the conference. I've got more to add to the User's Guide, and a number of bugs to fix.I'll try to have something up every day during the next week, but let's not … [Read more...]