The Mystery of Presence


This month's post at is about the Fifth Joyful Mystery: the finding of Jesus in the Temple.You know, it's odd. Most of the Joyful Mysteries have short, pithy names: the Annunciation. The Visitation. The Nativity. The Presentation. And then there's "The Finding of Jesus in the Temple".Here's a preview:My reflections on the first four Joyful mysteries have all focussed on receiving Christ, and then carrying Him with us wherever we go. In the Annunciation, we … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Obedience: The Presentation of the Lord

Presentation of the Lord

My latest at Mary and Joseph had no idea, as they gathered their things and took up their infant son for the long walk to Jerusalem, that they were going to be an answer to prayer, and would be the redeemers of God’s promise to Simeon. But they went in obedience, and in His providence God used their obedience in ways they would never have imagined._____photo credit: Lawrence OP via photopin cc … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Trust

Lady with elephant

And yet God continues to trust us. He trusts us with the Body and Blood of His Son at every mass, that we will receive the sacrament worthily. He trusts us to minister to the poor, the sick, and the imprisoned, to be His hands and arms and legs and voice in the world. He, the Almighty God, relies on us in our weakness and sin to get His work done in the world.My latest for photo credit: Viewminder via photopin cc … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Service


This month's post at CatholicMom concerns the Second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary: the Visitation, or, as I often think of it, the Mystery of Service. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Annunciation: The Mystery of Vocation


I think of the Annunciation as the Mystery of Vocation, the Mystery of Calling. The Lord called Mary to be the theotokos, the God-Bearer. Jesus calls each of us to follow him, each in our own way. Jesus called me to be a husband and father, and much later to be a lay member of the Order of Preachers. It is our part to answer that call as Mary did, with “Fiat voluntas tua.”My April piece for CatholicMom is on the First Joyful Mystery of the Rosary, the Annunciation. … [Read more...]

Religious Education Congress


So I didn't get any fiction written last week; Jane got the flu, and then I spent Saturday (prime fiction-writing time) at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, which is the big yearly archdiocesan shindig here in Los Angeles."Congress," as it is familiarly known, has a certain reputation for heterodoxy in the wider Catholic community, as indicated by a number of tweets I saw last Friday; but I'm pleased to say that the only Catholic heterodoxy I encountered personally was … [Read more...]

Community: The Fourth Pillar


The fourth pillar of Dominican life is community; and you can read all about it in my March post at Money quote:Dryness will come; it’s good to have companions to help you through it. … [Read more...]

UPDATED: I’m a Catholic Techie!

Says so. Right here.Every week Sarah Reinhard does a Catholic Techie interview at, and this week it was my turn. If you want to read Sarah saying nice things about me, by all means go take a look. Plus, you get to see me sitting in a teacup.UPDATE: Now, with link! … [Read more...]

The Third Pillar of Dominican Life: Preaching (Now with link!)


The next installment in my series about Dominican spirituality is now up at Money quote:For this audience, preaching has to flow from the depths of your being—precisely because you don’t have time to prepare but have to speak in the moment. And this is why prayer and study are so important. It is through contemplation that the things of God sink in, and are there when you need them.____ photo credit: Lawrence OP via photopin cc … [Read more...]