Third Orders Aren’t First Orders

St. Teresa in Ecstasy

Clare Short recently began formation as a Secular Carmelite, and has been blogging about it. She's the mother of young children, and the other day she received a message about her vocation from a priest who should know better: I was recently sent a rather snooty message by a diocesan priest who used to be a Trappist monk. He was telling me that it was basically impossible for me to live a contemplative life in the context of a family home. He told me my children would not find my ‘requirement’ f … [Read more...]

St. Martin de Porres

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Martin de Porres, a Dominican saint from South America and friend of St. Rose of Lima. I'm a little late to the party, clearly (I spent the last few days down with a cold); but fortunately my fellow Patheosi Diana von Glahn was on the case with a truly lovely post about St. Martin and his gentle devotion to those around him. … [Read more...]

Formation Notes: Paul Gives the Romans the Straight Dope

I was named to be my Lay Dominican chapter's formation directory last month, filling out the end of a term for another member, and yesterday I had my first meeting with our two novices. Formation in the Dominican Laity is like this:First you come a meeting or two or three, and see whether you want to pursue a Dominican vocation. Assuming you do, you become an "inquirer" ("postulant" is the older term), and at the appropriate time of year (September for our chapter) you begin your first … [Read more...]

Support the Dominican Nuns!

SummitNJ Monastery

Traditionally the priests and brothers in a religious order are termed the "first order", and the nuns and sisters the "second order"; but it's an odd fact about the Order of Preachers that the nuns came first.St. Dominic began his career of itinerant preaching in a part of France much overtaken by the Albigensian heresy. The Albigensians were gnostics who preached that the soul is pure and the body is evil; and they acquired followers in part by running schools for the daughters of noble … [Read more...]