Quill v0.2.0 Release

Quill v0.2.0 has been released. Those interested can find it at GitHub. … [Read more...]

The Comprehensibility of the Incomprehensible God

I'm so confused!

Kyle Cupp, one of our newer bloggers at the Catholic Channel, just gave us this post on the incomprehensibility of god: God is Not an Explanation.Now, he's got a point. Pope Benedict in his Introduction to Christianity refers to God as the "Wholly Other". We can't really know God as He is in the fullness of divinity; the best we can do is rule out things that are obviously wrong. Consequently, when we seem to be saying something concrete about God, we're really talking about something … [Read more...]

Late to Love

My friend Sam Rocha has just released a CD of what he calls Augustinian soul music: soul music based on the theology and writings of St. Augustine and especially on Augustine's Confessions. The album is called "Late to Love"; click the link to hear the title track, which is my favorite on the album.You can give the whole thing a listen on SoundCloud for a limited time.Update: And if you want to buy it in MP3 form, you can get it from Amazon here: Late to Love. … [Read more...]

Dr. Who does the Time Warp

OK, this is simply brilliant...and rather better done than most Youtube videos I've seen. … [Read more...]

Mistake No Identities!

Do not confuse your parish priest with the Almighty. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to adoration. That is all. … [Read more...]

Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit

Fridays are usually for music; but my nephew showed me this delightful bit of British nonsense the other day, and it's too good to keep to myself. Meet the crime fighting duo of the Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit! … [Read more...]

Six Pilgrims (Plus One) Along the Camino de Santiago

An old friend of mine from the Newman Center community at Stanford has begun a blog detailing a pilgrimage (currently on-going) along the Camino Santiago in Spain. The pilgrims include members of her family, including her husband who is only going along for the first week (he's the "plus one"). You can follow the whole story at Six Pilgrims Plus One: A Camino Journey. … [Read more...]

Elizabeth House: How Charity is Done

Elizabeth House

In the last couple of days I've seen lots of stories about a "Home" for unwed mothers in Tuam, Ireland that operated from 1926 to 1961. I use scare quotes around the word "Home" on purpose, as you'll understand if you follow the various links above.What struck me was that the horrors of the "Home" in Tuam were ultimately due to charity gone horribly wrong. The goal, to support unmarried mothers and their babies, is a good one. Treating them like human refuse is not. As a bit of a palate … [Read more...]

The Long and the Short of Infinite Regressions

Father and Son *

One of my favorite philosophy bloggers is James Chastek at Just Thomism. I find his posts more challenging than Ed Feser's (one of my other favorites); Feser's usually going out of his to explain Thomism (and Scholastic philosophy in general) to those outside the tradition, while Chastek's posts are more usually reflections or even meditations on something he's been pondering. As such they take longer to read and appreciate, and far too often I don't make the attempt. I've long thought that I … [Read more...]