The Dogmat saw Racism and Death

Much of what the Dogmat saw this week made him unhappy, especially the news from Charleston. The Dogmat is glad that the shooter's goal of igniting a race war has so far not been reached, and he is mightily impressed with the forgiveness shown by the survivors.On Racism in the American South and the Shock of the Charleston Shootings: While providing neither a facile explanation for the shooter's actions nor a facile prescription for how to prevent similar shootings, Jen Fitz provides some … [Read more...]

My New Friend: A Rugged Rosary

Rugged Rosary

I've got a new friend; he lives in my car.  That's him, over there to the right.I often pray the Rosary on the way to work in the morning.  In my old car, which had an automatic transmission, I used a little teeny finger rosary that I would hang on one of the vent knobs between uses.  I had to be careful doing that, because if I dropped it, it was gone: under the seat or into a crevice or into another dimension or somewhere; at least, I very seldom found them again.  But it was fun … [Read more...]

The Dogmat Saw Pakistani Jazz, Gnostics and Small, Petty Men


This week the Dogmat saw a string orchestra from Pakistan, Robert Barron on modern variants of gnosticism, Julie Davis on being petty, and a host of other things.Pakistani Musicians Play Amazing Version of 'Take Five': And so they do, although the Dogmat isn't sure the sitar (the Dogmat thinks it's a sitar) is really a jazz instrument. Two wags and a shrill yip.On Small, Petty Men and Loving One Another: Julie Davis on how she manages to defuse her worser self, with bonus C.S. Lewis and … [Read more...]

The Dogmat saw Shticks, Schemes, and Broken Gods

It was another good week for the Dogmat, barking-wise; the Internet continues to serve up the digital equivalent of postmen and boys on skateboards.I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How. The Dogmat wants you to read this one, and to remember it the next time you read the words, "Studies show...". Science is an amazing tool when it's done right, but when it's done wrong it's no help at all...and it's so easy and there are so many incentives to do it … [Read more...]

How I Pray: Me


Tom McDonald has been doing a series of interview posts with on-line Catholics on the subject "How I Pray" over at his blog, "God and the Machine", and somehow I crept into the Machine's hopper. Go give it a look!But ignore the goofy picture; everyone knows I really look like this:(Yeah, I know, not blogging, downtime, Christmas week, yadda yadda yadda.)____ photo credit: mcn2zst via photopin cc … [Read more...]

You Shall Surely Die. Also, Beer.

...though probably not on a trip to the Holy Land, as Frank Weathers makes clear in his report...from the Holy Land.And somehow, in that one post, he sums up the problems with being tied to the news cycle, the incentives for the news media to ratchet up every bit of outrage, the freedom that comes from letting go of it for a while, the need to die to self, and the spiritual benefits of kissing it all up to God and going on pilgrimage. As the Marines say, "Hooah, Frank."And, and beer. … [Read more...]

Third-Cousins Twice Removed?

Are you sure? You can check this handy chart if not. … [Read more...]

Peace and the Warrior Ethos

During my career I've been privileged to work face-to-face with two retired four-star generals, who were as unlike as you can imagine. The first was a good old country boy who lived on what remained of his family's Spanish land grant in Texas. He was a mustang: that is, he'd started as an enlisted man and worked his way up. This is not easy. I got the idea that he might be glad to let you underestimate him, but that it would be a Bad Idea. The second was someone you simply couldn't estimate … [Read more...]



Today is #GraceOfYesDay, celebrating my friend Lisa Hendey's new book, The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living. Be sure to get your own copy or the spaceman gets it. … [Read more...]