Wedding at Cana: The Mystery of the Body

I have to get my CatholicMom posts in a week ahead of time; and then I forget about them. This one went live about two weeks ago, and I just remembered to link to it.The Wedding at Cana is the Mystery of the Body: with all its faults, the Body is very, very good.There’s a whole lot one can say about Jesus’ miracle at the wedding at Cana. There’s a link with the water of baptism and the wine-become-blood of the Holy Eucharist; there’s a link with the third day of creation and Christ’s th … [Read more...]

Tolkien Illustrations in the Medieval Style

Arwen and Merry at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields

You'll want to spend some time with these illustrations of The Lord of the Rings by Ukrainian artist Sergei Iukhimov. I found them beautiful and unexpectedly moving.There are quite a few at the link; and if you click through there are even more at the artist's own site. … [Read more...]

Brandon Watson on being a Competent Critic

Everyone's a critic

Brandon Watson is always worth reading; here he gives an extended meditation on what is required of a competent literary critic.Increasingly, however, I have come to think that one of the common characteristics, and perhaps the distinguishing feature, of incompetent criticism is not recognizing that skill is skill, that craft has the structure of craft. All skill or craft has goals in view; the whole point of skill is that it appropriately applies means to achieve goals and does so … [Read more...]

Quill v0.2.0 Release

Quill v0.2.0 has been released. Those interested can find it at GitHub. … [Read more...]

The Comprehensibility of the Incomprehensible God

I'm so confused!

Kyle Cupp, one of our newer bloggers at the Catholic Channel, just gave us this post on the incomprehensibility of god: God is Not an Explanation.Now, he's got a point. Pope Benedict in his Introduction to Christianity refers to God as the "Wholly Other". We can't really know God as He is in the fullness of divinity; the best we can do is rule out things that are obviously wrong. Consequently, when we seem to be saying something concrete about God, we're really talking about something … [Read more...]

Late to Love

My friend Sam Rocha has just released a CD of what he calls Augustinian soul music: soul music based on the theology and writings of St. Augustine and especially on Augustine's Confessions. The album is called "Late to Love"; click the link to hear the title track, which is my favorite on the album.You can give the whole thing a listen on SoundCloud for a limited time.Update: And if you want to buy it in MP3 form, you can get it from Amazon here: Late to Love. … [Read more...]

Dr. Who does the Time Warp

OK, this is simply brilliant...and rather better done than most Youtube videos I've seen. … [Read more...]

Mistake No Identities!

Do not confuse your parish priest with the Almighty. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to adoration. That is all. … [Read more...]

Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit

Fridays are usually for music; but my nephew showed me this delightful bit of British nonsense the other day, and it's too good to keep to myself. Meet the crime fighting duo of the Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit! … [Read more...]