Aphorism Watch: Do What You Love, Love What You Do

A dumb terminal

Just recently I've run across a number of essays debunking the aphorism, "Do what you love, love what you do." (Here's Leah Libresco's take on it.) The gist of these essays seems to be that large corporations are encouraging their employees to look on the work they do as the most fulfilling part of their lives. If they are really doing what they love, they'll work long hours and won't require much of a personal life outside of work.I agree with Leah that this is nuts. There is life and … [Read more...]

Wishful Thinking vs. Prayer


It occurred to me after finishing this post that perhaps the individuals in question believe that affirmations actually change objective reality, as opposed to one's attitude. It seems that there are people who believe this.In my view, though, this is to confuse wishful thinking with prayer. Prayer—I'm speaking particularly of prayer of supplication—isn't simply a matter of warm positive thoughts, prayed with intensity, as though I can will something to happen without taking concrete act … [Read more...]

Meme Watch: Their Story vs. Your Story


I ran across this meme on Facebook a couple of times recently, and as so often I asked myself, "Well, OK, it's affirming; but is it true?"I've written elsewhere about the ambiguity inherent in aphorisms, and the same can apply to memes. Ms. Occelli meant something by it; the people who shared it on Facebook meant something by it; but as I've no context from any of them, I can't say how precisely or generally they understood it. All I can do is interpret it based on what it says. So, just … [Read more...]