O Christmas Cow!

Santa Cow

Jane and I have been arguing where we first heard this bit of Christmas goofiness. I seem to recall running into it on Usenet; she seems to recall having heard it from a fellow she worked for for a while who was a big-wig in the dairy industry. Either way (or possibly both), it's sung to the tune of "O Christmas Tree", and it goes like this:O Christmas Cow, O Christmas Cow,     You bring us lovely cheeses. O Christmas Cow, O Christmas … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Day

I am thankful for Turkey. It keeps Syria and Iraq from bumping into Europe. … [Read more...]

The Ants Go Marching, Dammit!

Of all God's creatures, the ones I find to be the most inconvenient are the common "little black ants", which a website at Texas A&M tells me are almost certainly Monomorium minimum. They are common all over the Los Angeles area, and they are the only kind I've actually seen invade my house. Sometimes they'll come in for food, but more usually they seem to be seeking water.In our previous house, we learned that we needed to disconnect the garden hose from the faucet by the back door when … [Read more...]

Signs That You’re Not With It

That moment when you discover that there was more than one cup of coffee left in the pot because the excess is spreading across the counter and burning your fingers.I usually write my Thomas Aquinas pieces a couple of days in advance, but between family vacation and catching a cold it didn't happen. (Really, the vacation would have been sufficient. The cold is just gravy.) I hope to do better by next Monday. … [Read more...]

Poodle Skirts

I once knew a lady who house-trained poodles for poodle skirts. It's a harder job than you might think, house-training a dog who's going to be hanging on to a skirt for dear life at sock hops and the like, but she was good at it. She took her poodles to competitions and won many prizes.In the end, though, her career ended in sadness. She'd been training a truly promising poodle, almost completely flat from side-to-side, with excellent gripping skills and perfect bladder control, a poodle … [Read more...]

Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit

Fridays are usually for music; but my nephew showed me this delightful bit of British nonsense the other day, and it's too good to keep to myself. Meet the crime fighting duo of the Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit! … [Read more...]

A New Phone Scam?

We've been getting a new kind of phone call recently; we've gotten I've answered at least five of them over the last couple of weeks, and I believe Jane has answered some as well. I pick up the phone, and say "Hello?" There's a pause, and a brief ring, and then a voice with a strong Indian accent comes on:"Hello, this is Mark, from the Virus Control Center. I'm calling about your home computer, which is under attack. Hackers are breaking into your home computer."And I thought to … [Read more...]

German Food Project

Normally on Sundays I've been posting reflections on Lumen Fidei; but this has been a busy weekend, what with my life profession and all, and so I've elected to post the following video instead.See, my son David and his friend Grant had to do a project for their German class, and they elected to translate some recipes from German into English and prepare them for the class. They made a kind of chocolate cake, german potato salad, and soft pretzels, and a video documenting their work. The … [Read more...]

Books in the Mail

Got two books in the mail, today:The Lion's Gate, by Steven Pressfield Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction, by Ed FeserI've read three of Pressfield's historical novels; this new book is a look at the Six Day War drawn from mostly from around four hundred hours of personal interviews conducted by Pressfield with people who were involved. It sounds fascinating.And Ed Feser is increasingly well-known in philosophoblogging circles. He's a scholastic … [Read more...]